I told everyone that it was my favourite weekend in UK. It was. To this day, at least.

We didn’t have any major screw ups with the bus. It came on time, left on time. We arrived on time, except for the fact that we experienced the heaviest rain ever. We had the best hosts, who planned a 2-day itinerary for us, who planned what to cook for us so that we could enjoy a hearty meal when we arrived.

We were brought around the University of Warwick, we had 50 chicken wings and a whole load of Western food for lunch (which was much cheaper than a set you would find in London), we went to drink Chinese tea (how does 龙井茶 sound) at a cosy little cafe in the school, rookies like us played table tennis- or rather, table badminton, and subsequently made our way to Nicole’s accommodation.

Chilling in her room, FaceTiming my family, doing nonsense and just talking about life. It feels really good to catch up with people far away from home, they make conversations so much more meaningful.

And here’s the view on the way to her accommodation- something that I would really appreciate on my way home from school. Holding the duvet cover that she kindly donated to us for our sleepover in Peng Ning’s room.

A Chinese dinner complete with Bak Ku Teh for soup and chicken rice- more than enough to satisfy my cravings for food from home :’)

Day 2

We were lucky to catch the end of daylight saving on our weekend to Coventry, we got an additional hour of sleep before we were headed off to Leamington Spa, somewhere Peng Ning and Nicole haven’t even been to before!

#rv60 at a really pretty park in Leamington.

And we can never drop eating ice-cream in the cold. We were whining about how much we missed llao llao, and then we happened to chance upon an ice-cream truck. Despite it being (rather) overpriced, we had to get it, and well it was clearly a mark of our wonderful experience there.

What do I love most about this weekend? I think it was how we got a break away from work, tutorials and readings. We got to sit down and chill, to just talk about anything under the sun, laugh about jokes that aren’t even funny, and laugh at the dynamics of this couple I somehow matchmade. How we could continue eating endlessly through 5 or 6 meals, even though we weren’t even hungry. Despite the rain and my flipped umbrella, it all made for an even more memorable experience.

Thank you Peng Ning and Nicole for the photos, great food, being such accommodating hosts and most importantly, for the wonderful weekend. I’ll always remember this weekend in Coventry.


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