Oslo, Norway

It won’t be my last trip. Because I want to go back to Bergen, where the fjords and beautiful villages are.

Surprisingly I didn’t freeze my toes off in temperatures of 1 degrees because I was so well wrapped up. I wore a long sleeve shirt, a really warm sweater (inner lining completely fleeced), a light down and my crazily thick winter coat. Not to mention my fleece lined boots. I was armed for the Arctic man.

Streets of Norway beautifully decorated with lights, lights and lots and lots of Christmas lights. The holiday atmosphere here was much stronger than what Oxford Street could possibly present- and I loved it in its entirety. The second image is a terribly blurred one, and I’m sorry for not doing justice to the camera quality. We ran into a group of little children who were decked in Santa Claus costumes, who stopped every 100 metres to conduct a small performance, joined by many little kids who looked upon them in envy LOL. Afterwards they hopped on this little reindeer carriage thing and I swear the entire city followed them- including me. They were in constant motion and there were thousands of people around so… this is the best picture I could manage.

Appeared at the Parliament Building too late at night (and in the week)- no more free guided tours. I would easily classify Norway as dead during the weekends, like d-e-a-d. Shops close at 4pm, Christmas markets sell out mostly everything by 7pm, and no one’s left on the streets after that. No cars, no humans. City centre in the capital of Norway, really…?

The only good meal we had in Oslo… for 209 NOK ($34). Norway’s Big Mac index is the 2nd most expensive in the world, which explains the price of two little cute pork chops 😥 Furthermore we picked this restaurant because it appeared on visitoslo.com as a restaurant recommendation for people travelling Oslo on a budget. LOL.

Afterwards we went to the Oslo Opera House to catch a ballet concert (LOL). I fell asleep though because I was so tired from walking around the entire day hahahaha. I caught most of the dancing, but not much of the dialogue. I mean until now, it still takes quite a bit of effort to pay attention and understand accents even in lectures. It’s just me though, and my inability to understand movies LOL. I won’t consider it a waste of money though, because I remember the little details that I caught- how they started the performance with familiar Christmas carols. It felt really festive and I was totally soaking in the Christmas atmosphere here.

And Norway people are really friendly! I asked a stranger to take a photo for us outside the Opera House (where you overlooked the entire city centre) and his friend wanted to pop in hahahaha too cute! Everyone was so over-enthusiastic in getting a shot for us and helping us whenever we have questions compared to many other countries hehe. Got a really good vibe from the place 🙂

Night at the hostel was bleh but I guess you can’t fault the place much, the price was honestly rather reasonable for its accessibility to the city centre.

Started the rainy day late because I had a pig in tow. Worst experience in Norway: I had an upset tummy and I was urgently needing the toilet, but the one and only toilet at McDonalds was occupied for 15 to 20 minutes. I didn’t understand why. After about 62 years, the automatic door finally opened and I was finally able to ~everything out~. To tragically realise that there was no toilet paper, a total #fml on a day when I shat liquid and not solid. I had napkins/tissues in my bag! But I didn’t bring my bag into the toilet wtf. What’s worse was that I couldn’t ask for assistance, because the automatic door would swing open with my pants down, and the toilet was literally adjacent to where customers ordered food. So no toilet paper for liquid shit. It’s okay. Here’s another win: THE TOILET COULDN’T FLUSH.

I felt disgusting for the rest of the day; I visited the toilet in every museum we went to tons of times and still felt unclean 😥 What a horrible memory of Norway.

Moving on, we went to take the bus after scribbling the date and time on our Oslo day pass haha.

Was enroute to the Norwegian Maritime Museum when we sort of got lost and ended up here! I guess Oslo’s full of such areas with shitloads of seaview because they’re situated so far to the South. I swear the entire route was picture-worthy, or maybe I just get too thrilled by blue skies because I’m so deprived of that over here in London LOL.

Incidentally caught the sunset on our way out from the museum! It’s not like I’m amazing at photography so it was either catching the sunset properly, or getting a clear photo of myself, or a balance between the two so meh HAHAHA

and me at the Norwegian Christmas markets! It was crazily crowded, maybe because the Christmas market was honestly rather small ~compared to Birmingham~. Queues for churros and waffles were crazily hell long and honestly I wouldn’t have had the patience to queue for it even if I had time HAHA.

2 days was honestly enough for Oslo because while the SAS flight was pretty cheap, the city was too expensive for me. Things in London cost nearly twice of Singapore’s prices, and I would say Norway was probably three or four times as much! However, I guess there’s a reason for all that pricing- they have to, because the city sleeps so early. I can’t wait to go back to the Scandinavian countries though, I want to witness snowfall, watch the Northern Lights and go dog sledding. I thought I’d get sick of travelling soon, but my short trips are merely making me yearn to travel more! Once again, I’m so thankful for the endless opportunities to travel on top of my proximity to so many beautiful cities 🙂 True enough, “dream big, you’ll make it.”


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