School’s out. I had hotpot.

These two lines are probably the best to speak of. I had to blog about yesterday night, a night I had always been earnestly looking forward to.

I spoke to someone recently, and he mentioned how people in university fight hard for constants because no one would want to be alone. I am lucky, very lucky, in this aspect, because I found people I’d excitedly call out for meals, and enjoy hotpot over music that we all find familiar.

I am lucky: to finally find people who can tolerate my intolerances, who would be little affected on the receiving end of my taunts (and this, really, is the most appreciable quality), who stay humble and good natured despite being brought up in privileged environments or despite any form of familial pressure that would definitely get to me if I were thrown into that similar position.

3 years, 4 years, 5 years down the road, when it’s time to return back in Singapore, I’d get really upset because then I know I have formed friendships that I’ll never be able to bring home.


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