4-hour timetable

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.03.04 am
I had to show off. Like I always do. Apart from the extra 1-hour tutorial that is not reflected, this IS my timetable. LOL wait what.

I feel (a bit) mean but life has… sort of reached a standstill. I’m in the midst of basking in all my “fruits of labour” and there’s little to really work hard for. I’m finding myself in the usual routine: go to school > library > cook dinner > drama/swim > Korean/piano… it repeats everyday.

What’s blog-worthy these days?

Soon I’ll blog about Europe (the list of cities I named below, shit stop getting lazy) and the little snippets I remember of the trip. So glad that I was once upon a time hardworking enough to publish every little detail about every street and every activity on my vacation, and that I never once left blogging platforms for other social media platforms. I appreciate how WordPress nicely strings up my life through the years, especially in my youth.


Some great ramen over funny… quality conversations. “You feel more Singaporean outside Singapore than in Singapore”.

and our weekly Friday dinner, complete with fresh steamed fish from the market!!!

Immersing in other cultures bring you a great wealth of experience, but nothing will ever beat home and what reminds me of home. 😉 Excitedly typing this post while a red jar of pineapple tarts and packet of instant laksa sit unattended to my left. Not for long, of course.

Back to fulfilling my New Year resolutions and my weekly goals! Thankful for the ample time I have outside curriculum time (clearly) to pursue activities for self-improvement. 🙂


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