Paris, France

Three highlights of the trip:

1. Disneyland

Look! Chip and Dale behind me in clothes!!!! HAHAHAHA! I was so amused.

I visited Japan’s Disneyland in 2003, Hong Kong’s Disneyland in 2010, and now I’m at Paris’s Disneyland. I took the Space Mountain ride on all these 3 occasions (yes I was tall enough in 2003), but only in Paris was I so excited about phototaking with the Disney characters. Maybe because I had Weixuan and Dilys with me, who were so thrilled about Chip and Dale, thrilled about a Stitch that never appeared, and getting excited looking at so many things in the Disney store.

Timeline of our day for memory keepsake:

0630 Woke up (to thoughts of: am I still a soldier? just kidding hahaha)
0700 Left the Airbnb to set off to Disneyland
0800 Arrival at Paris Disneyland really excitedly!!!!!!!! To find out that we did not qualify for the Extra Magic Hours because we were not guests of the Disneyland Hotel…. 😦
0915 Started queuing with our tickets at the Paris Disneyland entrance to enter!!!!! Seriously, were we that excited?
0930 Finally managed to get in, took pictures with Chip and Dale, took turns to check out the Disney store, ran for rides…
1200 Left the Airbnb to head to La Vallee Village to eat llao llao (and take pictures with snow hahahaha)
1400 Returned to Walt Disney Studios and took a few rides
1715 Ran at top speed back to Disneyland Park (seriously, what a workout in 0 degrees) to catch the Disney Parade
1800 Ran for Space Mountain since everyone was so pre-occupied with the Disney Parade
1900 Disney store shopping (where I bought 2 Chips and 2 Dales influenced by Dilys and Weixuan)
2000 Fireworks :’)
2100 Dilys found out she lost her wallet…………….
2200 Dilys found her wallet………….

2. Snow

and llao llao. Need I say more? 😥 It’s my second sighting of such heavy snow since Korea in 2008. Loved it so much, I was so cool with my camera lens cover getting wet… the frequent rain would irritate me though HAHAHA.

llao llao was €5.90 though which is SGD $9, now this is pricey compared to Rome and Barcelona…

3. Sights

Eiffel Tower: self-explanatory. I remember seeing it on Ratatouille in primary school with Nida jiejie and my sister… definitely much more breathtaking in real life and not at all underwhelming, to me at least. It was literally gigantic 🙂

Louvre (where we met Mona Lisa ;))

Paris was not really the magical city of love as you’d have read about on Tumblr, after all, small things like the train station…. it smelt like pee. I also wasn’t too used to the idea of people evading transport fares, there would always be a couple of people waiting by the exit for us to “tap out”, and they’d rush to follow closely behind us to exit from the station (even with rather elaborate ticketing infrastructure, they still couldn’t curb this fare-evading problem). Encounters at the historic sights were also far from romantic, there were probably more street peddlers selling keychains of Eiffel Towers than couples kissing with Eiffel Tower in the background. I remember I used to chance upon images that were captioned things like not understanding why anyone would choose to live anywhere other than Paris… even Instagram accounts (eg. “parisinfourmonths”, an account I have actually been following since a few years back) glamorise the city so much. I learnt a lot about city branding in Year 5 under Urbanisation and I can totally see what that chapter was trying to teach me now. It’s all about the branding.

But Paris was a good experience, and I honestly liked it. I’d go back for the pastries 🙂


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