Bad grades

Missing my comfort zone in times like these 😥

Of my family who used to purport to me that grades don’t matter a shit once you get out there, whenever I felt sad about DESUs in JC.

I wonder how I ended up striving so hard for academic excellence when it never mattered much in my family.

It’s okay, it can only get better! Or at least that’s what I try to tell myself…


Suddenly remembered my xSxMxSx interview question about… “What do you think about the subject General Paper” What even?!?! It was asked probably due to the fact that I got a D… or E… or somewhere there for the latest result slip I submitted to the board LOL.

I remembered coming up with the most stupid response and consequently the cheesiest answer and killing myself after the interview — there’s a reason why I still remember my response.

“I think it broadens your knowledge about the world… (yada yada) I think I would like it more if I scored better.” (wow committing suicide during an interview yes this is me)

So of course I got an easy retaliation “So in the future if you get things you don’t like, are you going to do poorly in them too?”

And I replied with the cheesiest response… “I think in life we are always going to receive things we don’t like (inserts anecdote about how I heard about ______). But we still have to do them, and only in doing them we become stronger…….. (pause) a stronger person.”

Thankful to the (very cheesy) life lesson I innocently spurted out of my head because I am feeling insanely better now. Thankful for the “life principles” that have grounded me thus far.

Meanwhile, at least I am not failing in Korean and piano (self checks = no failure)!!! LOL how did I forget to make New Year resolutions about my grades (for the first time ever)?! Failing to plan is planning to fail?!!?


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