Bad week

Adding so much negativity to my blog at one go, “bad grades”, “bad week”, what’s next?


1. Bad grades. As highlighted.

2. My phone crashed (no spare phone + suspended my SingTel number means I can’t activate my WhatsApp which runs on my Singapore number on another phone anyway + even if I reactivate I have a micro SIM which can barely go into phones nowadays). Why HTC, you only needed to live for another 2 months 😥

3. Nightmares for three consecutive nights: of my bank account getting hacked into, email password changed, entire blog deleted….. and entering a lift with a toilet bowl which shot all the way down to the first floor in a matter of seconds. It was scary as hell. I hate my recurring lift dreams, I had them from young.

4. Terribly unproductive the entire week both in coursework and revision because of factors above, googling endlessly “Is it okay to do badly in your first year?” No it’s never okay to do badly. “WhatsApp verification without phone number” No don’t be stupid clearly it’s not possible. And even if it is… your SIM card is too laokok for new phones. “Meaning of toilet bowl/lift plunging down in your dream” which obviously isn’t excellent a dream interpretation.

Thankfully I have the China blood running around in me that gets attracted to Chinese magnets who made my week insanely better.


Columbia Flower Market, nothing like an entire street of flowers on a bright sunny morning to lift my spirits. Also had a good brunch at The Breakfast Club today — thank you for ending my (really challenging) week great.


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