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35 more days

스크린샷 2016-04-24 오전 11.44.24

Only funny because it’s my brother. Can’t wait anymore :’)


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Tears of the Sun???

스크린샷 2016-04-18 오후 12.27.30

Diligently doing readings (as usual? I hope???) and couldn’t help but to notice the similarity between what I’m reading and Yoo Si Jin…..

스크린샷 2016-04-18 오후 12.35.17

So I drew up a table to look at them two carefully. Ok I think spending the past 36 hours in my room isn’t doing my sanity well but coincidence????? or not? 🙂 Or am I just swimming in my pool of withdrawal symptoms as usual when I finish a drama sigh.


Because I had enough salivating over @tieponytail’s Dayre posts:

Just to prove that my face isn’t as bloated as it looks in the next photo –


HAHA. It felt really great to return back to hall when the sun hadn’t even set at 7.30pm — I truly smell spring now! (and exams in exactly a month wtf)

And also I feel like I look a lot older even though my face hasn’t really changed…….. is this the end of youth?

Great great day

1. Fkn finally a decent result. How long has it been?
2. Ate chicken rice and durian :’) My love.
3. Morning run (never fails to make the rest of the day better).
4. Episode 12 of Descendants of The Sun will be released tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

Great end to my self-declared holiday — let’s hope for greater productivity in the days (and weeks) ahead. Slightly worried because of the planned holidays in between but I hope all will be ok.

Here’s a picture of the two of us with my favourite king :’)