End of exams!

사진 2016. 5. 16. 오후 5.39 #3

사진 2016. 5. 18. 오후 1.25

Now that was fast, it’s the end of being a freshie! Evidently my life hasn’t changed much… I’m still spending most of my time in hall, just that instead of sitting right in front of my table, I’m making pancakes in the kitchen. So I thought it would be fun to finish exams before everyone…

Ah, at least my frustration is mostly gone now, have been getting really irritated with people who enjoy putting others down academically; I was already stressed enough over unspoken expectations. I laughed during the speech by Mr Philip Yeo during the Singapore Speakers’ Series when he jokingly mentioned that “if they do not get all As, we send them (FTs with scholarships) home”. Now the joke is on me. Cheers to the end of exam-related woes for now.

I should probably sum up my first year in London to reflect on what I have received this entire year and how much I have grown, but after writing about maybe 20 or 30 academic essays in the past month I feel like I need a break from words. In other words, I am just lazy. I shall do that on the plane home when I am no longer able to snooze.

Anyway, I can’t wait for everyone to be done with their exams and then I’m setting off to Norway and finally, HOME!!! 11 more days to go and I’m so excited for all the meals and meet ups. All the current food fads better wait up for me.


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