Post exams tourist

I need to note down how touristy today was:

1. Spent close to £100 at Primark and SportsDirect… probably the second shopping spree after the first one I did when I just arrived in London. I finally have new clothes! …just when I am about to leave.

2. Had Freakshakes for dinner. They taste as good as they look. Best of all is that they were pretty affordable for London standards at £7 hehe.

Just look at that level of sex in a cup… it actually looks even better in real life. Sorry for poor food photography…

3. Watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — because it’s apparently the “Final Golden Year”. Really enjoyed the musical, it’s honestly the first musical I haven’t dozed off/zoned out in after the experiences of Wicked and Phantom Of The Opera… I am hopeless in dark ambiences and having stayed awake throughout the 3 hours was pretty darn much an achievement, which goes to show how good (my brain thought) it was.

Here’s us outside the theatre with my newly bought-on-impulse Tsum, walking into and out of the Disney shop within 5 minutes. Why am I behaving like a billionaire heiress… ok to justify my actions it was on 25% off and it is really cute right. I love Donald and Daisy they are the cutest Tsums!!!!

Finally packed, and am waking up in 7 hours to jet off to Norway! I love ending exams and everything with regard to post exam activities, but I really dread the results coming back. 😦 I’m terribly afraid of falling short of expectations; I should really just shut up and hope for the best.


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