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A totally apt post title as I returned from NDU today. Basically I was trying to get my ass out of NDU in the fastest way possible to meet the rest of the 4G girls, and… someone stopped along the road out of NDU to ask if I wanted a ride.

I hopped in… and honestly still feel a bit guilty being so rude initially when I opened the back door — too used to hopping into the back of the car sorry Dad… and to this stranger. I must get rid of this bad habit.

“What do you do in a day?”

“I run, I swim, I go to the office and type on the keyboard… I train with my men. Sounds boring when I put it like that but I really enjoy it.”

“You’re lucky. Is this the life you always envisioned yourself to lead?”

“Yes, definitely. I just found it earlier than most people. Some people are still finding it after 10 15 years.”

I got a free ride to the west and a good conversation. Thank you CH, whom I’ll learn through stalking later that he’s a CPT. Sadly, with a hierarchy in place, conversations are always better when ranks are unknown.


Norway II: Bergen, Oslo

Time to finally get my ass down to blogging about my overseas trip if not I will probably forget most of the countries and cities I’ve seen. Probably not Norway this time though, because Bergen (and the neighbouring fjords) were stunning in every sense of the word. Oslo was a repeat trip but I honestly preferred it a lot more this time – say yes to sunset at 10pm instead of 3pm; sunrise at 4am instead of 8am. Longer days are always favoured in my opinion, or maybe because I haven’t experienced the peak of summer whereby it gets irritating???

1. Oslo

Took a picture with a bunch of Beautex tissues.

Street view

Opera House

Subsequently we took an overnight train to Bergen, which was more expensive than our return flight to Oslo from London LOL. It was a really nice experience though, it was my first time sleeping in an overnight train with beds!!! Very thick duvets and nice pillows at that ☺


Weixuan’s top down view of me… hehehe.

I honestly slept so comfortably that I felt sad to arrive at Bergen the next morning…

2. Bergen

We got off the train at 6.30am and since Norway was further up in the Northern Hemisphere sunrise and sunset timings were even earlier and later relative to that of London. At 7am it looked like the Singapore’s version of 10am and wahhh we were greeted with such nice sights!

Took about 10 to 15 minutes being cheapskate idiots trying to rent a bicycle until we realized that only Weixuan could rent one because the rest of us had mobile phone woes… especially me. As tourists we had to camwhore anyway.

How nice it would be to be cycling along this view though.

We went up via cable car to some secluded island next! Oh my god, I don’t even know where we went. I just knew that on our way here it was a pretty entertaining ride because Tz-Ching was getting shot at by her tiger mama for having informed her about the trip so late, “你没有事先询问我们,这样不行” and proceeded to cut her allowance. Instead of getting all worked up about it Tz-Ching laughed and shared her other mama experiences and how she needed to fight for her freedom. It was really funny. Three cheers to my non-Tiger mom.

Where we stood at atop Bergen! Took like 100 photos here and sorta just realised that I was going to upload only one anyway…. Oops.

Did tons of touristy hazardous shit like climbing up shady hills and sitting cross-legged on the edge of a near-cliff just to get nice photos. Here are some photos of us and unseen fear.

Also had fun watching Dads and kids having fun and staring at ducks at the lake ☺ We also coincidentally bumped into an ongoing marathon/walkathon at this site, and we stole the post-race goodies such as fruit bars and bread… Well, they were free for all. Cheap thrills always work.

Overall the cable car ride (to the hill top? Mountain top?) was definitely worth it because the views were stunning and we got so many beautiful pictures from here… although I don’t remember where we were actually trying to navigate to.

Subsequently we went to the fish market to get ripped off – ok honestly they were not terribly overpriced but I guess those markets primarily aim to serve tourists and their loose wallets.

But their fish and chips was nice and it smelt good – plus the lady serving us was so pretty so ok just rip me off please!

In the evening we took the train to Voss from Bergen.

3. Hardangerfjord in a nutshell

We arrived at some damn lovely place, although there was shitty weather it was made up by locals who willingly directed us the way to our accommodation. They were extremely welcoming and I remember this as probably the 3rd or 4th person who greeted us so warmly as tourists and inquired about whether we needed help with getting anywhere. Their attitude towards tourists in general was extremely lovely and very much appreciated compared to some terrible cities I had been to previously whereby they just shun Asians.

This was like 9pm or probably later, when we finally arrived at our accommodation after a steep climb. It can be just so damn lovely to fall asleep and wake up to this view. The third photo shows the view from the kitchen… how pretty can it get.

The view by night :’)

Woke up early the next morning to start off on our journey for the Hardangerfjords! Started off with a scenic bus ride all the way to Ulvik.

Clouds were beside us, this shit is real man. Waterfalls also accompanied us every part of the way, be it large or small ones :’) Lovely view on the bus that I chewed on sweets to keep myself awake… Weixuan was commenting how we do not even do that in lessons LOL.

Arrival at Ulvik! A pity we only had like 2 minutes or so to capture our photos properly because we were nearly late for the boat ride. Still managed to capture some though ☺

Oh my can I import this to Singapore with me ☹

Here’s the boat ride to Eidfjord!

Weixuan’s eyes are smaller than me LOLZ that’s a first.

Eidfjord was a relatively small town with like… farming communities I guess? The whole area was so pretty though but I would wonder about their struggle to obtain simple things like groceries because the whole area was so sparsely populated I am guessing it probably wouldn’t make any economic sense to cater such services. Or perhaps they harvest their own crops and farm their own animals.

The whole idea of the “rural” is so attractive simply because of the marketable aspect of landscapes like these! Goodness, how nice it would be to walk out of your house door, stretch and see all these around you. Will someone ever be in a bad mood?

Here’s Weixuan disturbing the sheeps which subsequently led to dogs following (and disturbing us) HAHAHA. But aww they’re so friendly and lovely anyway.

Next we took another boat ride to Norheimsund… where we walked around a bit. Slightly more city-like which was unlike what we had been seeing the whole day.

Here is a self-proclaimed nice photo of a lone guy sailing in the rough weather.
We walked around in shitty weather!!! Here’s the emergence of the umbrellas. Sorry but the waters could be cleaner…

Hopped on a bus back to Bergen where we started another fjord tour the next day. 🙂

4. Sognefjord in a nutshell

SMLJ??? We had to take an express boat ride which wasn’t too express because it was 6 hours long in total. We had some fun with card games though 😉


At least we got to see these though.

Upon arrival at Flam we did some slight climbing along with the thousands of tourists who were also present at the same place.

We took the Flam Railway to Myrdal where we met a really friendly Singaporean couple who shared with us about their children, their travel experiences and their meeting of other Singaporeans prior to meeting us. Being the creepy stalker I am I actually knew one of who they were talking about from seeing his photos on Instagram. I scare myself sometimes.

How feminine do I look? We were given the chance to get off and take photos with this powerful waterfall and there was a woman also singing in the background although I had no idea where the sound was coming from.

A picture of us with the railway kindly recommended by the Singaporean couple! We were initially standing quite stationary and they went all out exclaiming “Eh don’t be so boring lah!!! Pose!!!” Cute ☺

Ended the trip by taking a bus back to Oslo and where we spent our final night. It was a lovely trip. Many thanks to Xianya and Tz-Ching who planned this itinerary in their hall when we were all busy with examinations at the same time, it must have been a pain entertaining stupid questions from us and trying to dig out our passport details when we were always MIA on Messenger. Company was lovely, the only slight mishap of this entire trip was the under budgetting which led to many card swipes for myself LOL but I guess travelling will always be a separate pocket for me. In my previous post when I went to Oslo I noted that I wanted to return again to visit the fjords in Bergen, and I finally have been to the fjords! ☺