Little joys

Yesterday I woke up at 10.30am, went to dye my hair red, went out with my Uncle and took a photo with a cute plushie.

Today I woke up at 10am to head out for my wisdom tooth extraction (all 4), teared quite a bit on the dental chair because the dentist accidentally scratched a part that wasn’t covered by anaesthesia. I went home, mulled around till 4pm for the numbness (at least 8 jabs of anaesthesia I swear) to wear off. 

After cooping myself up at home the whole morning I went to catch Pokemon with my sister at the VivoCity hotspot in a surgical mask. And managed to squeeze in some time to meet you too. We had Mr Bean and Koi while chasing Magikarps and it sounds simple and retarded but I’ll always remember today.

I dropped a lot less hair tonight and cried less today. I am definitely making progress, I am much better and I envision a day 10 years later into the future when I can be like this too – when I can set my phone to airplane mode and not get worried about being recalled. And not get all stressed up about my competency or the lack thereof.

I will miss you a lot, 10 days left.


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