Sitting at some random bench overlooking what I’ll (we’ll) be seeing for the next 10 years…..

So many things could change in a matter of weeks. Months. Or even years. Perhaps the people I’ve met today will no longer recognise me as the guest you brought, instead identify me with another identity. A colleague. A friend. Or many a time, a female who only made it there to a certain position…. because she’s a female.

But at this moment I am content and I do not care. I no longer care what people think of us and how tough it will be. Or the practical difficulties of even embarking on this, with having to read directives about the professional handling of this and so on. It sounds so stupid but I actually do think it is necessary too. Or even simply the disparity between us right now purely due to experience, or the lack thereof in my case.

I might regret even saying this in the future. But I don’t get a second chance in life very much especially with my position and I’m leaping at this. Come what may.


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