Summer Highlights

1. I met someone new.


He is now what I’d cheesily term my boyfriend. I also find out that our love languages change over time. I also worry excessively about the 3 letters I’ve only scoffed at — LDR.

2. I got rid of my 4 wisdom teeth.


For about 2 hours I was drooling uncontrollably (and without my knowledge) because of the massive number of jabs I had. The feeling of local anaesthesia sucks balls.

3. I probably ate about 100 golden kiwis.

4. In these months I met up with many important people —

BMT Platoonmates: Sara, Lifang, Hanjuan
4G: Edina, Jia Wen, Cathy, Yujie, Gracie, Jolyn, Szemin, Vivian
6S: Weixuan, Beatrice
NCC: Yixin, Jiawen, Jieling, Weihan, Jiajun, Kiankiat, Waiyuin, Jiale, Jiajian, Chenxi, Jones, Khehan, Bowei
6/6: Darren Lim, Caleb, Gordon, Wei Ling, Ms Chan, Kay Vin
UK: Darren, Victoria, Joey
Friends from other places: Stacey, Timothy, Ling Sheng, Dickson (soon)





Just a few photos which have mostly already appeared on Instagram. Has anything changed from a year ago? I suppose not. Things only change if you want them to.

5. I went on board 82 (RSS RSL), although I failed to get my COC.

I have been happy. I think it is easy to take for granted sleeping and waking up with no worries — something I never got to enjoy when I was struggling to stay sane back in OCS. It is definitely much more difficult to leave this time round, knowing what to expect about who and what I will miss back home. Exactly one year ago I was filled with anticipation and excitement for the entire year ahead; this year I am somewhat begrudgingly packing my luggage for the tougher academic year.

But what has to come has to come, and everything I have embarked on stemmed from my own choices. I will definitely be okay, I will grow with my circumstances. Here’s to another academic year of independence and hopefully, even better discipline.


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