Back in London

It’s my second day back in London. I think it’s been going well. I met two of my batch boys to pick up my new apartment keys. I treated them to breakfast at The Riding House Cafe.


I bought new knives, a new chopping board and a new set of scissors for my new apartment. I got myself toiletries that I got used to in the previous academic year. I got stuck inside my apartment trying to get out and spent 30 minutes trying to leave the house. I headed to Dilys’ place to pick up my piano and Weixuan’s items. I cooked myself Laksa instant noodles and set off the smoke alarm unwittingly. I facetimed Sara for 3 hours, put up photos and decorated the area above my bed. I am also gleeful at the fact that I managed to Skype you for an hour while you were out, although I still do not get to see you. Afterwards I hugged your pre-sprayed hoodie smiling to sleep. Thank you for taking time out even though you are clearly busy. I miss you very much. I wonder if you smile to sleep like I do.

I also finally skyped Huimin too, having a conversation exceeding 5 hours because it really has been a while since we spoke. I finally received the 6 boxes that I packed a year’s worth of London life into, and have been busy unpacking the past 4 hours. Everything feels familiar: the same pots, plates, cups, table mat, soft toys, except having been positioned in a different setting. I cooked dinner and did not set off the smoke alarm this time. I will be meeting familiar London faces in the next few days and I simply cannot wait.

On a separate note, I really love my new place and my new room. In the natural state (i.e. no effort made to beautify the room for the purpose of the photo), it looks like this.


I can’t wait to create new, lovely memories. I hope Weixuan arrives soon and in no time we would be hosting mutual friends regularly. Today I am happy and I have faith that I can do this for another year. 🙂


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