So on my final night left in Singapore, we decided to go to Henderson Waves which was unsurprisingly crowded. So we were walking along Hort Park to get all the way to Henderson Waves to sit down among the crowd… only to be scared away by a cockroach.

Of course complete with some perspiration… (and tied up hair as a result LOL). Singapore weather is so merciless HAHA.

We chanced upon this bamboo shoot and he decided to carve something…

HTP is a cheesy (or in other words disgusting) combination of our names — HT and HP.

One day later (on my last day in Singapore), I ordered the new Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls at Starbucks, which happens to have the drink code of HTP. When he saw my drink he casually commented “Awww so sweet”, thinking that I gave HTP to the barista as my name. I laughed for 15 seconds while he also laughed awkwardly and embarrassingly. Here’s to more retarded moments with you :’)


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