Cheshire Oaks

About 2 weeks ago Peng Ning invited us along to Cheshire Oaks, a designer outlet slightly off Manchester. I was not too sure whether I was keen because the damage would be £15 + £13 for the return transport to the place itself, but my I am glad I went. Fortunately I am actually not feeling too guilty about my expenditure this weekend since I don’t really shop that much on other occasions anyway.

The fish and chips were good too (besides the mushy green peas), along with the temperature that day and the company 🙂

Blue skies are quite a rarity in gloomy Britain especially as it turns cold, and we just had to take a pointless photo just to show our appreciation for the weather that afternoon.

To the lovebirds who invited us along that day, thank you! Thank you for hosting us for 2 nights, cooking wonderful meals for us, preparing snacks for us, allowing us to drop hair all over your clean home and cleaning up after us. Can’t wait for you two to come and you guys can take over my king-sized bed hehe.

Lovely weekend mostly spent laughing, which explains the post. I finally have a new coat and a new bag too!


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