Bristol with RV UK

I missed the Peranakan buffet lunch back in Singapore because I had my Singaporean priorities (i.e. spend more time with HT in my last week HAHAHA) so I promised to attend the next event organised by the RVUK EXCO as long as I was free, and free I was. Slapped down £22 (for accommodation) + £37 (for expensive train tickets damn) for a 2D1N trip with the RVUK members, most of whom I wasn’t too acquainted with. Nonetheless it was a great trip though, much better than I expected in fact because of how they designed the trip to be like — “chalet-style”. We walked around for the whole day aimlessly, eating extremely well, returning back to the guesthouse extremely late yet pulling our eyelids open to watch a horror movie Lights Out (that I slept in the midst of anyway HAHAHA).

To top it off Bristol was a lovely place. And the company was not fussy at all with places to go and food to eat — expenditure was also little of a concern as we embarked on good meals after good meals. It was an excellent weekend getaway!

Bristol vibes

A random cafe/bar that I sighted along the Bristol Harbour, which I thought really contributed to the whole ‘chill’ vibe that the harbour was giving off. I’d love to dine at a place like this if I were richer.

When we walked further to take a picture with the Bristol Harbour. I am honestly always in harbour or along waters so this does not really impress me as much as it should have, but it was still a nice place to chill and… take a group photo hehe.

The view atop the Cabot Tower where the ladybugs infested. Autumn brings out the best colours of trees.

Human infested too, hehe.

The Suspension Bridge in Bristol, where we climbed uphill for what felt like forever for. It was worth it though — it lit up beautifully at night, and taking the selfie seemed to bring about a “futuristic” effect because of how bright the lights from the bridge were.

Stepping foot on the University of Bristol (and shamelessly stepping on their grass, too).

Bristol meals

Part of our Japanese buffet, that I nearly died from. We unfortunately could not finish, and had to pay a total of £4 for wastage HAHAHA. I ate so much sushi I thought I could go without itsu and Wasabi (Japanese fast-food stalls in London) for quite a bit; strangely looking at them makes me hungry now. I suppose you never get sick of Japanese food.

We told ourselves that we would eat less the second day to make up for all the guilt and over-eating from the Japanese buffet, but clearly we did not follow our own advice. We were looking for a random cafe to have lunch when we chanced upon the HK Diner, and entered… for hotpot. With a 麻辣汤底 it felt like we were back in Singapore again, dipping meatballs and meat into the soup and scooping it onto our bowls. The eatery also gave us you tiao, free soy milk and drinks on the house! Such a sweetie, the Chinese culture is certainly appreciable when it comes to generosity with food :’)

It was a good meal, I would say better than the one from the previous night. We are afterall Chinese from a Chinese school and most of us very much homesick.

If you were to talk about familiarity in London, nothing beats meeting the people you shared your formative years with. I am afterall, living with Weixuan and having weekly cookings together with Dilys most of the time… I have never met most of the seniors on this trip nor interacted with them in school, but they felt like friends I have known for countless years. Thankful for RV and the ridiculously tiny batch, because the gossip that transcends batches actually held us together and brought us closer for most of the trip (! gossip is good for once!!!). We were bound to have mutual friends, common people whom we shared a fondness or dislike for and talking about them (and their interesting pasts) made everyone feel so familiar all at once.


And here’s a random interjection too — from the night before when we hosted Xingyun and Amanda for dinner. Similarly, while I have never interacted with them, I guess having grown up together in the same school with the same schoolmates and teachers introduced a commonality in all of us. I’m thankful for RV tonight, and I probably will be for many decades ahead.


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