Peng Ning and Nicole hit up London and Collingwood House the day of the SAF lunch! I can’t believe it’s been a year. I can’t believe we are no longer the most junior.

My table this year. Unfortunately I did not really get to interact with the people at the other end of the table much — woes of a rectangular table. But I got to know two new people, one of whom I have probably stalked out before heh.

We had brunch at this cafe called The Attendant! Apparently toilet-themed but the cubicles were really nice and the food weren’t shit-shaped/toilet-inspired unlike the Toilet Bowl Restaurant in Taiwan or JB? Thank god if not the food probably wouldn’t be as appetising.

The whole week I was so troubled about my growing red pimple which had a whitehead which then became pus and WHATEVER it was such a pain to look at it in the mirror so I kept touching… and popping it. Looks like my “Do Nothing routine” isn’t working very well anymore, perhaps I should start putting on moisturizer.

Thanks for coming down again and for the beautiful photos as always, looking forward to welcoming you in London soon again 🙂


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