Last day of November

I have not done much work at all today, and less than what I had expected myself to achieve given that HT left last Friday leaving me with a lot to catch up on.

But today I am happy!

I allowed myself to catch up on 2 hours of lessons through recordings from peers, then I managed to Skype my sister (and my family) over the afternoon. I made a heavy pasta lunch throwing in tomatoes, rocket, ham, expired cheese, and made more pasta sauce by pouring water into the pre-made sauce, corn starch and adding more ketchup.

It does not look at all appetising but it fed my big tummy well, and that is enough for a lousy cook like me 🙂

Korean lessons were excellent today too — truly learnt a lot from fumbling and sentence construction. The teachers today had put in a lot of effort in creating grammar exercises and sentence structure arrangements to help us learn better. I really like the feeling of knowing I have improved and advanced in my journey of language acquisition because I am starting to reach a plateau with regard to how much I can pick up and understand. I love it when the teachers themselves are committed to let us learn, and not just hoping that time passes faster during the hour’s lesson.

After the lesson I tagged along with 3 people from the Korean intermediate class to have some free hot chocolate (courtesy of the Freshers’ Fair) and talked quite a bit about our courses, our lives and how we got into this whole Korean learning fiasco. I guess it is always nice to meet new people especially with ones you share common interests with.

Met Joey after a short stint at the Science library for bingsoo (dinner?) and some sushi. It was nice to talk again after such a long time given that our module choices have totally diverged, given my (greater) interest in Physical Geography modules.

Overall a great day even though I was freezing cold in 2 degrees outside, and even though I haven’t accomplished much today. I guess life is still all about the little moments 🙂


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