Christmas 2017

Left the ‘teen’ clan and am really sad at this age gain… of course. You mean I can no longer mock people by telling them I am nineteen, still a teenager and should not be listening to R-rated content? 😦

I am blessed to have so many people spend it with me this year — a Christmas/birthday celebration in London this year recreates the whole idea of home since everyone would very much wish to be truly, home, when they lead their birthdays. Collingwood House is afterall, still very much home given that I’ll be spending quite a fair bit of time here.

Our dinner table that night! We were joined by Richard, Bowei until Beatriz and Youjing came to join the surprise as well. Thanks for coming down everyone :’)

My beautiful birthday cake courtesy of Edina and Weixuan.

And my beautiful face hehe.

For all the gifts and effort that went into the birthday cards of this year, thanks so much. For the card and puzzle pieces air-flown from Singapore as well, thank you my love 🙂

Anyone wants to visit Disneyland now? Hit me up at Collingwood House 😉

And for Christmas celebration Day 2! Bryan kindly hosted a group of us Tigers — Richard, Loh Ting and I (where I brought Edina as my +1), joined by their shipmates Jordan and Chong Ren.

A pity on both days I forgot the group photos which explains why I documented the name of every single person who made my Christmas wonderful this 2016. Thank you everyone and I had a great birthday. I am blessed and I will continue to remind myself so.


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