Happy days

All 4 coursework have been submitted as of Tuesday and to say that I am in a “holiday mood” is too much of an understatement. I am now overcompensating for the nights doing readings and churning out figures after figures, simply because London life should be a little more than this.


I watched a movie in the morning over Skype with HT, took a 3-hour nap after and went to New Malden again with Dilys to introduce her to some great bingsu. We had Korean BBQ at the Kimchi Village Restaurant as well, where the buffet came to a grand total of £17 with a rather wide selection of meat (prawns!!!) and cooked food. The soy and spicy chicken were excellent, kimbab was excellent as well. What more could I ask for?

Injeolmi!!! I missed you, now what’s left is to take the red beans out.

The Korean BBQ! An unflattering shot of the food because all I wanted to do was to start.

We had a great conversation over the BBQ and spent quite a bit of time catching up because I feel like it’s been long since we saw Dilys (stop going home woman!!!) I also really like New Malden despite the trouble that we have travelling there all the time because of its inaccessibility relative to locations in central London, but for the excellent bingsu I will always go back. Hehe.


I had a short day in school today and went home to talk to Joey and Weixuan over speculoos brought back from Brussels. We talked about several people and ideas and I thought these are conversations that I would always enjoy having because it creates depth to what I always expect of people — humans are complex creatures and thinking about them in great detail would always create somewhat like a new dimension to them.

Afterwards I had Korean lesson which was great compared to the session on Wednesday. Sujin and Yejin are excellent tutors and I love their powerpoint slides and learning exercises, a pity that only 4 people turned up today which I thought was a huge pity given their effort put into the lessons.

I went to do some parcel delivery and obtained some cupcakes from Dilys along the way in King’s Cross because #dyylbakes today! Thank you it was lovely and I love it hehehe I love having baker and chef friends!

Subsequently met Richard, Ban, Bryan and Beatriz for some bak kut teh dinner, excellently cooked beef, oven-roasted chicken and some new year goodies. Over-ate as usual over funny and good conversations but these nights are all worth it.

I made a casual comment that when I am back for good (since I am sadly already halfway through London life) these are the nights that I will miss the most because we spend it doing nothing except to listen to music, sing along and laugh at one another. I think these are elements of student life that will always be perfect, right now and especially on hindsight. Very thankful for this bunch in London and I am really thankful that we became closer on arrival in an overseas country.

I was walking along Euston Road to King’s Cross to conduct my door-to-door deliveries today and realised how much I will be missing this space and freedom — sights of the London red bus all around me, foreign yet familiar sounds or noises all around me. This is a life I could only dream about, talk about and watch when I were younger, and now I am truly in this space. I am lucky to step out of my house into what would be deemed a foreign neighbourhood to any Singaporean; I am lucky that I can call this my second home. Today is a day I remember to be thankful for how I am extremely privileged to be here, despite the occasional bouts of homesickness. I will never be able to reciprocate fully all these opportunities I have been given but I honestly promise to try my best for all the following years that I have.


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