Highlights of February

These events are not in chronological order HAHAHA:

1. Durham

I went to visit Xinci, crashed her hall, had good conversations and good meals 🙂 I watched Fifty Shades Darker too! This might sound really stupid but I actually teared slightly when Christian Grey was possibly going to die lol, the plot is definitely rather lacklustre compared to other movies because… it’s really written revolving around the sex but I actually enjoyed it. In particular I loved the chemistry between the two main leads so much more than the first movie.

Most importantly, I was legal and excited to show my ID but they did not even check!!!!! 😦


Flat White Cafe with Xinci that is the supposed must-go in Durham, recommended by Xinci because guess who was too lazy to do her research before hitting up the city. We had the Eggs Royale (or Benedict or something like that) and the 1/2 pancake and we were stuffed HAHAHA probably due to the additional effect of the frappe as well.


A great picture taken of my pancakes with maple syrup spam HAHAHAHa


After brunch we walked around the city and I entered Clinton’s to buy Tsums lol incorrigible the eventual hauls are seen here in my left hand HAHAHAHA but I had to take picture with the huge Dory because I have never seen it before!!!

Thank you for hosting me even though you definitely were busy with submissions, also thank you for sacrificing one weekend for me! Science degrees are definitely more intense and thank you for sharing all that you did, I am glad to be on the same page for many topics (eg. being a female in the SAF lol)… Looking forward to the next time I see you, hopefully in London soon!

2. Steamboat at Wern’s

After the episode at Ken’s house Wern kindly invited us to her place in Canary Wharf to end off our Chinese New Year fiasco. When we arrived we were firstly amazed by the Asian supermarket downstairs her place — it has everything! If I stayed in the same vicinity I can imagine myself spending so much on trying new recipes… or maybe not, because you only want what you cannot get HAHAHA. I wish sliced pork belly, Korean rice cakes and Chinese soup sauces were this convenient to me…


Omg best host ever la we were defeated by all the food offered to us before we even started on the hotpot HAHAHA.


海底捞麻辣 paste!!!! Omg totally in love with the soup, except the parts when I bite on the thing… and my tongue becomes numb instantly. I love the tofu salad too 😥 Help please bring me back to this day.


The overcrowded hotpot!!! Love it omg.


And dessert did not disappoint! Nutella butter cake by Dilys and cheesecake by Xinmei, sending all the lovey dovey eyes la :’) A pity we were too full but HAHAHAHAHA guess who volunteered to bring the leftover dessert home? :’)


Group photo hehehe against a very nice backdrop because she puts in so much effort in decorating her place omg…

3. Korean with Dilys and Weixuan


As detailed: Kimchi tofu soup stew (dubu something, I forgot what Dilys said HAHAHA) and pork bulgogi from pork shoulders!!! The dinner really looks innocent (because it was shared among the 3 of us) but I was so full after that!

4. Eat Tokyo with Joey and Tzching


Missed this Chirashi don so so much 🙂 I was contemplating between this and the pork katsu which was served beside me and smelt SO DAMN NICE but I decided I could make pork katsu on my own since I bought the bread crumbs (can I???) and got the sashimi deal instead 🙂

5. Patty & Bun with Dilys and Weixuan


I am seeing these humans way too much but I am not complaining; it is actually nice that our social circles are starting to converge so much which means that conversations reach new depths (and breadths) HAHAHA.

6. Kite Runner with Weixuan



I have been trying to finish reading the book before the play so that I can catch the plot — I am really bad with movie plots because I don’t understand the dialogue most of the time and I fail to identify the main characters well. Thankfully I managed to read half the book before the play which allowed me to think greater about the plot in detail when watching the story unfold before my eyes (plus point was that I didn’t know the ending of the story!). Best thing of the play was that it was only £20 for such excellent stall seats, just look how close we were to the stage!!!! I really enjoyed it and I am glad we went even though I have an upcoming coursework submission in 3 days that I have yet to write any single word on HAHAHA.

7. Magical Lantern Festival with Weixuan and Dilys

And like I said I am meeting this bunch of people too much! I meet Weixuan everyday actually lol… The day after the steamboat at Wern’s place (which explains why I say this post is not in chronological order HAHAHA) we went to the Magical Lantern Festival at Chiswick House and Gardens! I saw it on TimeOut, Facebook and a few Dayre accounts so I thought that it would be nice to check this out — afterall, how rare is it that we get to experience such forms of “orientalism” in London?

Before that we met at Shackfuyu for the Express Menu! I also happen to remember that this dinner was after my driving lesson which involved me running over about 10 kerbs… Everyone seems to be (jokingly?) scared of their friends passing their driving tests because they officially introduce a new road hazard to the road; I am the real road hazard and I think my friends should really fear when I pass my driving test. Let’s hope I stop running over kerbs on my next lesson.


The Korean fried wings which tempted me the very first time I was here!!! I finally had you hehehe and even though it came as an appetiser there were 3 wings!!!!! 3 glorious wings I love you!!!!


I took a very bad picture of my main so here’s the best I could get — another poor selfie HAHAHA. I got the grilled salmon which was good too. Oh man I feel like going back to Shackfuyu already HAHAHA looking through the pictures make me so hungry.


And no trip to Shackfuyu happens without the matcha french toast of course 🙂 It was smaller than the usual dessert portion but good enough not to make us that full. Would definitely go back again soon!!! Already craving for it 😥

Headed to Chiswick for the lantern festival afterwards, and here’s where everyone was taking photos:


Surprisingly there weren’t many Asians, these “oriental” displays probably don’t excite the orientals that much HAHAHA. In this picture too you would see the biggest display of my eyes ever.


Enjoyed myself on that very cold night and am looking forward to more events to attend together hehehe. Everything (many things actually) in this month that happened made the month pass so very much faster, CNY and my feelings of homesickness felt like yesterday. It has been a full month! I am gladly welcoming March because it means I will get to see my siblings very soon, also it means I am inching closer to my return home in summer! I am glad I did not conform to my homesickness and lovesickness in the very end and managed to stick through to (trying my best) not going home hahaha. I will try my best to live London to the fullest and not leave any regrets for not doing what I can/could have in my time here.


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