I can only hope it is not you

I’m not sure if this platform is private enough but I just do wish to hide this from my family as much as possible –

My sister suddenly texted me this morning (when I was out with a meal with Gordon) that she lost €1500 in my home, the total sum of money changed for my siblings and I. It was a large sum because I told her to change additional money for my future trips to other European cities.

Yes, it is a large sum. She was so sure that she left it there, and searching for hours on end around the house did not provide a desired conclusion to that loss. No one came to my house lately, and it was therefore easy to immediately point fingers to my domestic helper. But I felt terrible and disgusted for thinking this way. My maid has spent 6 years with my family and my father has kept her all these years because he believes she is honest. Money was never missing, not even in the form of the smallest change. My father may give her $20, we could buy something for $4.50 and I know at the end of the day, there will be a remainder of $15.50 without any doubt. She has always put us in her thoughts, buying things for us when she returned home to the Philippines on one or two occasions these many years even though she does not have much. In fact I actually believe that the working environment/relationship for her is so pleasant that she would actually voice out to us if she needed money urgently.

I tried to stay calm and made an international call home (£2/min!!!) to ask her. She said that she did not see the money (I schemingly asked “Did you take Shihui’s money?”), and that she will try to find it in the house. If she does, she will tell my mother to call me tonight (because she does not have my UK number). I actually felt a sense of relief from hearing that; call me naive but her assertion and cluelessness through her voice, how she giggled and addressed me endearingly “Oh Huiping ah!” in her accent made me even more certain that the money loss was not her doing.

I hold a slight glimmer of hope that my mother will call me tonight and insult my sister for being stupid for leaving such a large sum of money around in the house, or that in the middle of the trip my sister will stumble upon the money hidden in her jacket pockets, or in some secret compartment in the luggage. For now I will continue to have full faith in my maid who has been loyal to my family and serving us well all these 6 years.


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