Bucket List

These are the things that I would like to do before I die, (collated from 2011 onwards) and will be continually added on to πŸ˜€ I’m still young afterall πŸ™‚ In super random order!

1. Get A for HCL in 2013.
2. Participate in a marathon. (10km also counted)
3. Visit the Sydney Opera House. (OELP Australia 2012)
4. Backpack to Europe: Rome
5. Meet the “Solar 4” (Triumph in the Skies): Bosco Wong/Sammul Chan/Ron Ng/Kenneth Ma (met Bosco/Ron in 2011, Kenneth Ma in 2013 :))
6. Own a bookshelf.
7. Reside in a private suite for a day.
8. Visit Disneyland in the USA.
9. Go to Korea during Summer. (Spring! Was good enough :))
10. Go on a luxury cruise.
11. KBox at Midnight (RVNCC Delta Chalet 2012 :))
12. Go kiteflying at night.
13. Get a GPA of 3.8. (accomplished in EOY 2011)
14. Read a Chinese book other than assigned ones. (read ι‚£δΊ›εΉ΄ in preparation for HCL Os!)
15. Visit Taj Mahal in India.
16. Bungee jump from Macau tower. (accomplished HK 2014!)
17. Bungee jump from Auckland tower.
18. Go for a beach holiday and stay at a resort.
19. Participate in NDP again. (accomplished NDP 2013)
20. Make my own chocolates.
21. Learn how to cook Hokkien Mee.
22. Visit a casino in Las Vegas when I’m older.
23. Attend a SHINee concert. (accomplished SMTown SG 2012, SWC II 2012)
24. Attend SMTown Singapore 2014. (there wasn’t one :()
25. Bake a chocolate cake.
26. Take part in The Amazing Race. (any rendition)