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Protected: Last major decision of the year

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Today, I took the initiative to talk to 3 people I haven’t talked to in a long long time. I just thought, perhaps I should take the initiative to catch up before the friendship dies forever…?

It’s pretty how amazing life changes from the last time I’ve spoken to them hahaha.

and well, I’m thankful that they still remember me of course 🙂

I need to be clear of my goals, clear of my weaknesses, my strengths, or I’ll just be continually wasting the team’s time, coach’s time, and most importantly, wasting the effort of people who are constantly trying to correct my mistakes.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, since I’m so good at being lazy and procrastinating. I must work harder, and work even harder.

“If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?”
Joe Namath


I was the boss yesterday woohoo

After a crazily full dinner (the Mom cooked), we headed off to the gym HAHAHA. Followed by the jacuzzi afterwards 😀

I ran 4km on the treadmill! So lame go gym for treadmill might as well run outside HAHAHA but aiya a girl running in the dark dangerous mah… running better than nothing 😀

I had this crazy observance- I mean everyone else at the gym were like… male adults? AND YOU KNOW WHAT ALL OF THEM HAVE LEGS SMALLER THAN ME. It’s like their upper body is seriously huge like big big hulks… and then their legs are smaller than mine.

It’s like…. UNFAIR??? GUYS DO NOT EVEN NEED PRETTY LEGS? I remember how 2 guys once told me “Actually, I’ll rather have your legs. Black and muscular.

Wah seh best compliment on Mother Earth…

After gym hehehe my sister’s towel is totally useless she doesn’t perspire at all, while I was like a dripping tap even under strong air-con hmm. I perspire the most among my family and friends 😦

And tralalala before jacuzzi LOL we were going around taking pictures cause it looks so damn class and I feel so class HAHAHA

Afterwards my skin was smooth like tofu omg so nice and smooth to touch HAHAHA. Then I pigged out after jacuzzi cause I was so hungry- and I had Kway Chap, chicken wings and Aloe Vera Red Tea Jelly with Milk. I ate as if I ran 40km not 4km omg… even more fattening than my dinner. 😦

Oh well, today’s Deepavali. Reached school to find out that there was no training HAHAHA omg there was this insane outburst of happiness in my heart after running 2.4km to find out that training is cancelled.

It’s like you get to rest yet you have already burnt calories for the day 😀 And I saw part of the cast from Ah Boys To Men with Jessie, since they dropped by Jurong Point incidentally HAHAHA.


Food and people

Cool pictures to narrate what I’ve been doing the past week:

30 essays woohoo not including the ones for Part B. Okay of course I did not present the letters like that… but I didn’t take a picture of the final product cause it was 3.45am AND I DESPERATELY NEEDED SLEEP LOL. I did a rough calculation and estimated that I wrote about 17000 words in total. WAHAHA, I can totally write a short story please 😀 Oh my handwriting is bad please ignore LOL YOU CAN’T HAVE NICE HANDWRITING WHEN YOU WRITE SO MUCH T.T

Posing with a model during 4G class chalet LOL Too bored liao. Fringe is sexily screwed because of cycling HAHAHA, I was still perspiring like nuts…

Wanlu’s birthday today… Bakerzin’s Cookie & Cream Cheesecake. Oh my god it was so godly I had two slices- calorie bomb 😦

Canadian pizza for supper during RVNCC Unit Chalet 😀 We ordered them at like 10.06pm, thank god they still delivered HAHAHA. I wasn’t exactly hungry but well, I just felt like eating 😀

Camwhoring with Weihan’s iPhone fish eye lens with the Choo who says I’m very huggable. My fats are probably a nice cushion or something, I remember 4G Class WhatsApp saying something like “Pingping don’t even need to roll, she can just bounce here, noi pingping lova you” THAT’S WHY IT’S SO DAMN DIFFICULT TO STAY ANGRY AT SUCH RETARDS HAHA.

Oooh and my nostrils look huge and my nose looks really wide- but it’s alright because you smell better with big noses 🙂

So it’s been a pretty hectic week, Outreach, trainings, chalets back to back, but I guess I’m done with the first week of holidays 🙂

It’s time to put in effort for O Level Higher Chinese once again, read my library books, and perhaps catch some dramas in my free time wahahaha.

Sports Appreciation Night

It was damn shuang to enjoy the buffet dinner today because:

1. We had 2.4km run in the morning.
2. We did games for PE which was much more enjoyable and more strenuous since we ran throughout the 1 hour PE session.

We had nothing to do from 11am to 4.45pm hence we just hobo-ed around in the canteen waiting for the night to begin LOL.

The best picture of the buffet I could capture because there were SO many people omg. Sorry not photographer. 5 long lines of food HAHAHA UG Appreciation Night back in June only had 2 lines and we already couldn’t finish the food…?! OMG SPORTS PEOPLE ARE SUCH PIGS LOL I had 2 servings of dinner (i.e. 2 of what’s on the right of the picture), 2 bowls of honeydew sago and 1 cup of jelly. I mean really, I forgot about fats. I just recalled though.

(I shall not mention the McDonald Strawberry Sundae I had for supper…?!)

Mr Lee Wung Yew (ex-Olympian in 2008) graced the ceremony as the Guest-Of-Honour! His speech was really interesting, telling us all about his personal life and how his passion brought him up to the Olympics 🙂 It was really engaging and quite inspirational I guess? 😀 Mr Steven Quek also shared his experience coaching students… full of respect for them hahaha.

I don’t feel that much of an athlete sadly, since I’m only 4 months into a sport CCA? But I really respect all the athletes for having endured this far, really takes a lot of mental endurance and discipline 😀

RV Floorball Year 4s with the GOH! 😀

and our first ever batch photo, unfortunately left with a strength of 9 😦

I sincerely hope more people will join Floorball (and not quit of course!) 9 is really too small a number 😦

No matter how tough training gets, I’ll pull through it… and put in my very best to improve myself? I should stop getting lazier 😦 Of course, 不可以当一个空想家!

Invitation cards for ROD 2012

They are so pretty they deserve a blog title of their own omg

Thank you Part Cs, feeling embarrassed about the ones made by our batch now LOL. siao got name somemore HAHAHA

But it’s cooooooooooool, like really cool, how they used cardboard 😀 WALAO THEIR CARDBOARD LIKE CHIO, ours… marker pen ink running out…? Squeezing black paint and spamming so much water… HAHAHA

Sports Appreciation Night tomorrow, once again because I attended UG Appreciation Night in June LOL. Free buffet from the school hehehe.

These are the moments I’m really glad I joined Floorball, doubts start on a Wednesday morning when I dread PT more than anything else HAHAHA. Shit since when did I become such a slacker.

Then again, COC is gonna make me miss so many many many friendlies (all the friendlies are right smack in the middle of the whole course sadly).

I’m really sad because the game is what makes Floorball fun. Not trying to imply anything, but if I enjoyed PT, I could’ve joined any CCA…? 🙂

A good dinner after training

Training was quite fun today cause it was freeeee dayyyy 😀 Woohoo hahaha it’s just like PE- when you finally get to play any games you want it’s just 😀 Oh but my PE shirts split omg, I’m so upset 😦 not because I’m embarrassed or anything from the big big big hole (like really huge), but because I’m left with only one pair of PE shorts and it would mean I have to purchase PE shorts with the Li Ning logo 😦

After training, I rushed back home from school (i.e. take bus to Boon Lay MRT blabla) to find myself going back to Jurong Point omg. My feelings were like… “DAMMIT I WAS HERE 30 MINUTES AGO” Come on la I thought we were going to eat at our dear old Clementi Mall LOL. Had my dinner alone (bleah my siblings ate Popiah for dinner…?!) then headed for dessert 😀

iPhone 5’s front camera is godly. My sister’s phone duh LOL iPhone 4 upgrade to iPhone 5 HAHAHA. Ate at Lucky Dessert 🙂

Calamansi Snow Ice and… some mixed fruit thing HAHA. Both were pretty godly, just that I thought the portion was a little too small hmmm

The goddess of the year: Durian Crepe omg. Initially when it was served I was like, WAH LAO EIGHT BUCKS FOR THIS SMALL SERVING? IT’S SMALLER THAN MY PALM OMG. But the durian inside is hot (and yummy), and the crepe is so damn crispy, and… it’s just yummy… so… WOOHOO IT WAS DAMN GOOD HAHAHA. I miss the durian season!

Intensive Floorball training is the only reason why I would feel okay eating so much rubbish HAHA. So I must hold on… endure and train more. Cause the more I train the more I can eat! 🙂 hope our batch doesn’t dip in strength any further…

Getting more and more worried for HCL O Levels day by day. Doing one 应用文/作文 everyday doesn’t seem to be of much comfort to me. It appears as if the past 4 years have been in vain, what have I been learning in Chinese lessons?

I’m probably one of the biggest embarrassments ever. A friend of mine once commented that I look like the type of girl who has an altar at home (which is true, and I would take that as a compliment). Evidently, my family is rather rooted in Chinese traditions. That says a lot about me, but I really cannot comprehend why my Chinese sucks so much. My family members are all Chinese-speaking, we watch news programmes (i.e. TV) in Chinese, my parents don’t even speak fluent English… what happened to me?

I will have to work doubly hard since I suck so much at Chinese. I definitely won’t have enough time to cope with Chinese next year, so I better put in more effort in this final month left. I should stop being ridiculous and thinking I’m so competent at Chinese -.- sometimes I get so irritated with myself urgh. Split personality max.