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Final VA has ended

I took a grand total of 8 days of leave, accumulating previous year’s leave and this year’s leave because I never took leave when I was on board ship. It just means that I have ended VA early, and would have some time to myself before I fly off for graduation and the next academic year. To be honest, the summer went by really quickly because I actually enjoyed it – maybe this was a much needed morale booster compared to the painful months last two years when I was under a lot of self-induced pressure. For all the shit I said about UGPMET when I was on course, I loved it because I had fixed days and hours. There were Wednesdays off, and half days throughout the course. The distance and the long commute to NTU did not really kill me because I stayed nearby (6 MRT stops away is nearby by SAF camp standards), which meant that I was catching up on a lot of sleep every single day upon reaching home. The “work-life balance” continued even after I got posted to HQ. I could make concrete plans for the week: I could meet my friends on weekday nights, and I never had to feel too shitty about missing a single gathering because I could always make room for group arrangements in the busy weekends. I never got to feel this way last year, and I am immensely grateful for all the fun this summer has brought to me.

The weekend when VA ended was marked with lots of excitement!

  1. Clubbing

Two weeks ago the 4G girls met up for a grilled fish lunch buffet and quick dessert at Chinatown, that I thankfully had the chance to join in last minute because of a surprise half day off. We almost decided to go clubbing that night, but decided to hold that thought off because it was Day 1 of the Lunar Seventh Month, and it was a little too impromptu for most people. We decided to set a date two weeks later, when we would be able to bring our partners and invite more people along too.

And so it happened here! It was a pity that we did not manage to get any photos from that day because it was honestly really memorable. Drinking games were fun, especially when we were gulping down Asahi beer which was not as disgusting as I remembered beer to be. King’s Cup was also fun when done in a huge group of (importantly) people who knew one another. Or of that sort, since I technically have seen all of them on Instagram before.

We went to Wan to club, a club that I did not even know existed prior to this, and left quite early because Yujie said that “we are here to have a good time, not a long time” L O L. Ended up at 海底捞 where we had the cheapest share per pax ever ($14.50 each), and reached home only at 5am. It has been a long time since I stayed out so late partying, because I do not even stay out this late with HT, and it was really really memorable. I really enjoyed myself that night with a bunch of people I knew since 15 :’) I hope that these nights would keep us young and relevant, and would continue happening into my future.

2. JB Trip

It all started when HT woke up at 2pm after the night of clubbing.

Me: Hi
Me: Are we meeting
HT: Hi
HT: Yes we are
HT: I was thinking of going Malaysia
Me: Stay there?
HT: Yea
Me: Steady baby I jio my sister and her bf

And it happened!

We met at 4pm, took less than an hour to cross customs because we had, by then, avoided the peak day trip crowd in the morning, and got to JB around 5pm. We shopped around for our popcorn, bread from the bakery, and went to eat street food at Meldrum Walk.

We just walked around aimlessly, buying toothbrushes because my sister conveniently forgot to pack mine in for me, buying milk tea, ice-cream, and celebrated my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday in advance. It was interesting to walk through the bazaar at night and feel this eerie sense of wariness that was often only felt in European countries. I also had to stop HT from buying a lot of rubbish on many occasions.

We went to The Replacement Cafe that was often seen on my Instagram feed! I must say that the desserts were pretty overpriced by Malaysian standards, but they were really nice. The Japanese Cheesecake, which was not on the menu, was great. They also happened to sing a birthday song hahahaha, and we stayed nearly till closing at 11pm.

The next day we went out early in the morning for fish head curry which we did not manage to have the previous day because it closes at 4pm. We actually still had to queue despite reaching at around 8.15am, being later than the first round of crowds. We called it an end at JB after the curry and went through customs early in the morning to make it home for an afternoon at my relative’s place.

3. Drinking at Holland Village (Special Mention)

The drinking actually took place more than a week ago (18 Aug), but it was still memorable because it might have been my first time seeing a bunch of tipsy people laughing at themselves. I never really got to partake in many of these drinking gatherings because I always had to be in a different place, without a choice. I am glad I finally came back to realise what it feels like to properly have control over my social life, and to laugh over old news with even older people. I have known these people for nearing a decade now, a future we could barely imagine when we were still angry at each other often over issues within the RVNCC culture that we could not escape from. I am happy to realise that little has changed within our group dynamics, still speaking in Mandarin most of the time and making puns/jokes in that very language, except that we laugh at one another even louder now in our tipsy states. I am also really happy to know that everyone has been doing really well in school and life in general; how beautiful these old friendships are, so golden that we can all celebrate one another’s achievements together. Envy and spite has no room amongst us, unlike the workplace that would occasionally display uncomfortable sentiments from people, even if subtly.

I hope these friendships and laughters do not ever change, as we carry on in our 20s. I am thankful to have solidified these friendships into my adult years, and I take back all word about the unfortunate inability to make new friends in a 6-year Integrated Programme: on the contrary, staying together with the same group of friends was, and still is, the biggest gift of the scheme.


To the end of 6 years in RV

These are some thoughts because it’s 10.38pm and I’ve taken medicine that cause drowsiness (actually I think it’s psychological drowsiness cause it says “drowsiness” so I feel drowsy too).

It’s 2 days to graduation from RV and it’s pretty surreal. Really surreal. What the hell? I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since I finished my PSLE… er since I cried after receiving results maybe? Since I took cabs 3 times to and fro Crescent, to and fro the old RV campus just to submit my appeal forms. I don’t think I was mature enough to recognise the importance of this, but thanks Mom for accompanying me through those trips. Since I jumped for joy (literally) upon picking up the telephone call… since I rejoiced because… I ended up in the same class as my primary school crush. LOL. I have really gone through so much in these 6 years. It’s easy to say “time passed by in a flash” because I’ve already been through it all (and the time really passed anyway), but when I lookd through my photo albums, it’s crazy man it’s been a really, really, long journey. It feels much longer than primary school, because I don’t exactly have clear memories of my first 3 years in primary school… but that’s different in RV. I remember most of the years really clearly.

Let’s admit it, RV hasn’t been completely pleasant. Honestly, if I graduated in Year 4, I’d leave RV with really really excellent memories. It’s just a pity that JC didn’t offer me an equally enjoyable experience.

My first 2 years in RV as a member of 1C and 2C was pretty great. Let’s see what I can remember:

I was sleeping at 2am every night and waking up at 5.38am just to run for 166.
I had pretty sexy GPAs reaching above 3.5 for most of the terms… wah, I think I need to head back to Malan to retrieve my brain,
I had a relatively quiet class (with pretty active class discussions honestly),
I had class thieves, our money and class funds kept going missing,
I had lots of 剪报 to do, I had lots of Chinese books to read (took an entire month to read 水浒传), and my Chinese grades hovered around C5 to C6. My record for 作文 is 28/70 and I think that’s pretty unbeatable!
I loved running and I would come to school at 6.45am just to run (er?),
I was really really black, I was very involved in NCC activities, I loved NCC to hell I would look forward to going CCA the entire morning on Tuesday/Friday,
I was allocated to wipe whiteboards on Wednesdays,
I was commonly mistaken as Ling Sheng while Ling Sheng was commonly mistaken as me,
I hated climbing up the stairs just to change out of PE shirt into pinafore because I would perspire like a watery cow after changing,
I secretly derived joy from the fact that my Math test scripts were always placed one of the lasts (given out in order of marks), but I always lost to WWY because I could never do bonus questions,
I texted people all the bloody time with an LG Ice-cream (5000 messages a month guys don’t look down on a LG Ice-cream) and I wonder how I had the patience to jam on those keys because right now I’m so lazy to even unlock my phone to check WhatsApp messages,
I was either known as the girl with a huge ass or the girl with the transition spectacles, because the good girl me decided that wearing PE shorts beneath the pinafore was the best choice, and the bad girl me decided to go against the rules of “no-tinted glasses” since I was in Year 1.
I truly loved PSB and Council activities. I’ve always wondered what would happen if I wasn’t selected for FSD, because honestly my life would probably have taken a drastic turn towards Council, instead of away from Council.
I hated CID1 Physics kns bloody solar car made me shed so many tears in Year 1 LOL stayed up till 3am rolling bloody cars around in my living room pek to the bloody cek.
I lost my CID rocket and I would think it’s solely my responsibility, up till today I still feel really apologetic about it. Our rocket was working really fine, with all the great materials, the fishing lines… we were so close to the 8 seconds target for the rocket in the air! We would really have owned the project if we didn’t have to redo the rocket. Sorry Darryl, Amanda and Ling Sheng 😦
SKM was one of the best memories in Year 2, and I’ll always miss the 10pm hanging around at VivoCity, running to Tiong Bahru just to get cardboard, just to paint. My siblings came to support me at Takashimaya and it was really great to have gotten 2nd in the competition. I went to sleep happily every night, despite being kept busy all the time. Overparticipating in these nonsense was probably the stupidest, and the best decisions I made in Years 1 and 2.
I attended every bloody chalet in the same clothes and the same FBTs (which I am still wearing today LOL most durable $9 airy shorts ever).

Years 1 and 2 was pretty much boring… yet fun. I was innocent and horrible at the same time, I looked like shit but yet I actually think I look quite normal. I thought I was cool but man I was seriously the uncoolest shit ever, I was friendly and unfriendly at the same time, I was the gossip library and probably known for being pretty obnoxious… I honestly think I was quite infamous… no? I was so damn bitchy I acted like the world revolved around me (maybe I still am/still do?) hehehe ask me if I regret? Nope, because the very fact that I acted on the spur of the moment many times, and the fact that I was probably really stupid have made good memories. I’m thankful for the opportunities given to me especially in NCC, because without them I probably wouldn’t have had enjoyed school so much. I learnt and grew a lot through those days, and I think those experiences made me mature a lot. NCC also showed me that I am much stronger mentally and physically than I actually think I am: I wouldn’t have had the determination to run 15 rounds a day, I wouldn’t have had the mental drive to run up and down staircases just to train my physical stamina, I wouldn’t have had held through all those mental trainings, such as holding in pumping positions for 15 minutes wondering what the hell I’m doing in NCC. I emerged stronger, and definitely better.

Academic wise, if it were not for my teachers in Years 1 and 2, Mr Loke and 李老师 in particular, I wouldn’t have had such great lessons too. One thing that truly changed for the better in my RV life was my Chinese. I actually grew much more interested in Chinese and well… looked forward to Chinese lessons! 李老师 was a really really excellent teacher, she managed to cultivate an interest in Chinese in me. That’s really amazing, especially for a person who took 30 minutes to read ONE article on 早报逗号 back in Year 1. I couldn’t even write my name properly with the correct strokes!!! The fact that I looked forward to Chinese lessons, and started looking out for Chinese words and idioms in the papers to improve my Chinese says a lot, I was really determined to reverse my shitty Chinese. That may not have paid off quickly in those years, but I’m glad I managed to pull off an A2 in HCL O Levels. I think it’s unimaginable, till today. After As, I need to return to my primary school to thank (and inform) my Primary 6 Chinese teacher, who never gave up hope on me despite my disastrous Chinese grades LOL.

Friendship-wise… One person I’d really love to thank over here is Ling Sheng. I don’t recall if I was ever so grateful/appreciative of the people in my life back in Years 1 and 2 cause afterall I was a bitch remember? kekeke. Thank you for sticking around even though I am nothing like you, I am definitely not as cultured and diligent. And hardworking. I remember you crying in class because you didn’t do well for a (History?) test that you studied really hard for as compared to me. I just… sat there and wondered what to do as an insensitive prick. I remember your hard work in the last few days leading up to the History exam, which you eventually got an A for. Hard work does pay off! You’ve been a really nice friend to be around and I can’t even express enough how lucky I am to have met you on the very first day. I’m sorry I haven’t been putting much effort into catching up with you these few years, except our occasional long chats on WhatsApp. The worst flaw I could probably pick out in you is…. that you’re too tall?!?!?! You’re a really nice and genuine person and I would think your future husband will be an extremely lucky man 🙂 I look forward to studying in UK with you!

The next 2 years in Years 3 and 4 were the most eventful of my RV life. I laughed the most, I enjoyed much more freedom, I did many many many more activities, I cried a lot, I did the wildest things… and I must say, these two years were the years I grew the most.

Year 3, is until today, the happiest year in my life. I was very very lucky, I had many opportunities in NCC, in leadership positions, but one drawback was that it kept me sleeping in class I was sick for 3 months, I blew my nose in class so much teachers asked me if I had sinus, I had sore throat on and off that I had to buy medicine secretly so that my mother wouldn’t find out that I had yet to recover, I had mucus even during FSD such that I had to run to the sink to clear my nose before the start of the competition. I cried and failed during FSD, I rejoiced and teared during FSD too. It was the hardest I had worked in my entire life, it took up most of my December holidays, it took up every weekend of mine, every weekday night. Those memories at Jieling’s house were really really pretty great, we hacked each other’s Twitters, we met every morning and left only at night, we ran to Pioneer Mall to eat MacDonalds… we took dumb photos of each other sleeping on the floor on the table on the sofa, we watched videos and did the entire routine in the living room of her house. Bring me back to those days, because even though they were really tough, I enjoyed every minute of it. I didn’t even want it to end. Thanks FSD girls, for having been through so much with me. I’m so thankful for all of you.

Because of my thousand of activities, I was a sleepy cow 24 hours. I feel so apologetic to my teachers who taught me in those two years because I basically dozed off in EVERY LESSON before recess AFTER recess I DOZED OFF IN THEM ALL. My names were constantly called during lesson “Hui Ping! Answer my question!” “Hui Ping! Wake up!” “又睡觉了”, and to make things worse I was the chairperson… and many times I was always only awakened during the end of class just to ask the class to 起立行礼. Oh dear god I was the most horrible student and chairperson on this Earth??? I wonder why 陈老师 ever thought I was responsible… gosh. I drooled on my worksheets, table… wow. I’m not exactly sure how I managed to graduate with 4.0 GPA er wait were my grades rigged or something? I was always so damn sure that I was gonna flunk a Math test before working on it… always so damn sure that I wrote the worst piece of essay ever before getting my first and only A for Language Arts??? Okay I must have been (still) a little irritating bitch. To be honest, I really didn’t study much in those years man. I was probably doing it really effectively though, staying up till 3am just to memorise how oxbow lakes are formed, staying overnight in MacDonalds and finishing up to 4 Math papers in a night. Regurgitation was how I survived Years 3 and 4, I think they really worked man. No wonder I became so stupid in JC, I doubt I truly learnt anything in those years, even though my grades turned out to be really outstanding in those years.

My bitch mode maximised in Years 3 and 4. I was an extreme extrovert, I texted every guy I know (ok la too exaggerated LOL) because my BlackBerry made it extremely easy to talk to the entire world), maybe because they were undergoing the “puberty” I experienced earlier in Years 1/2 when I had 1000 crushes. I sent up to 15000 messages a month ZAISHITPORKZ. I was on MSN with 1000 tabs every night… I would excitedly turn on my computer to see who’s online to speak to. Okay now I really miss MSN all of a sudden 😦 My pinafore got tighter and tighter because of my uncontrollable eating, MCSPICY UPSIZE at Jurong Central Park after CCA every Friday, ice-cream at MacDonalds everytime we ended at like 9pm, double dinners at Long Johns with the FSD team before going home for a 2nd dinner, zicha at Tiong Bahru every week. No wonder my belt became so tight zzz. My parents also retired from work, we ate so frequently because of my Dad’s continued steady supply of income. My Dad started to send me to school, I started to spend a lot more time with my family since I saw them every single day, I started to place less value on the time we managed to spend together… I never went overseas with them together anymore, sadly.

Year 3 was also a highlight because I had my first and last relationship (hi anyone wants to pick me up now?) and I think I grew the most, the freaking most, out of that entire ordeal. Notice how I called it an ordeal he he. I seriously think I was living in a drama, because I was impossibly happy and sad. I never cried much over my break-up, but I cried whenever I recall happier memories. It was so easy to shed tears… oh my god it’s as if I was living through Autumn’s Concerto over and over again. In my junior high years, I was so lazy to take the train home and I would take 99 home just so I could sit all my way home. But er… somehow I would rush home to shower, before rushing to leave the house just to catch up over dinner. To you, if you’re ever reading this (LOL probably not because this L1 text is gonna lower your IQ like what you said), I’m not sure whether I’m upset that we’re not exactly in contact anymore. I guess we’ve taken very different paths in life and I don’t think we could relate to each other unlike the past. It’ll be really strange if we are still close anyway. Nonetheless, thank you for the memories, I really grew a lot. Although you made me afraid to approach future relationships, I guess it has all turned out well because I learnt to rely on myself more than anything, or anyone. I hope you’ll be successful, like you’ve always been. Honestly, I was always very proud of you. I sincerely hope you’ll be happy in whatever you do in the future, too.

Year 4 honestly passed really quickly: I must say it has been one of the fastest years in RV. It was probably because it was the shortest year for me, mid-August I was already informed that I was fully exempted and from then on life became chill and cool… I watched dramas, I went out every night, wow complacency did strike me pretty hard. I had ugly short hair (and honestly I think it’s one of the boldest and wildest stupidest decision I’ve made) but I really loved it! I really like looking back at my photos to check out how ugly I was (not that I look any better now la) because it makes me laugh. All of us looked ugly but we had this saying passing around us that “it’s okay we got no boyfriend”, “nevermind hair will grow out eventually!”. I took my grades more seriously despite my complacency, I wanted to do well and yet I was highly unmotivated (? I continued to score well through regurgitation of content, without truly learning). I texted a lot less because I didn’t want to get close to anyone anymore… actually I think I was just lazy. I grew the most in Year 4 and got to understand myself a lot better. I appreciated alone time with myself, I took to reading novels, watching dramas, heading to museums on my own to while time away while I’m alone. I got a lot closer with my siblings and we went out very very frequently, be it to Singapore Polytechnic, to Clarke Quay, to NEX, anywhere, anytime, just to eat anything. I could return home from a school day just to leave for Clementi CC to play badminton, I could wake up from a nap just to be pulled out back to Jurong Point (LOL) to have dessert… I got really really close with my siblings and today, I am very thankful for that. They are the people I’m gonna miss most if I really do pursue an overseas education 😦

I went on OELP Australia, OCIP Cambodia, ICEP New Zealand… that’s a lot of travelling in a single year. New Zealand was really refreshing in a way… it was quite a good time away from home. I had my own bunk to myself and every night before I slept I did a lot of self-reflection and thinking. The long bus trips and airplane rides also gave me a lot of time to work on reflections, and I wrote a lot a lot a lot of crap in my phone that I may, or may not have published. It wasn’t so much of the activities on the trip that was really enjoyable, but the thoughts and “letters” that I wrote to myself again and again. I was upset yet strong, I was helpless but I grit my teeth through everything that threatened the state of my emotions. Cambodia was where I matured a lot too, where I appreciated the intricacies of life in Singapore, where I appreciated the fact that I had opportunities to even MUG, to have clean baths and clean water. I think all of those privileges were easily taken for granted when I was in Singapore, and it came as a shock to me how bathing in grey water with frogs and mozzies was considered a way of life for people in Cambodia. It was already a form of “clean bath”, away from bathing in streams and rivers. Reflections every night were really insightful and I loved how all of us shared our observations of their way of life, of their simple derivation of happiness just by going to school, and how children in Singapore and Cambodia are extremely different just by growing up in different familial backgrounds and economic environments. Even though I am probably just yet another person who engages in voluntourism to merely bring more harm than good to the villagers, I have learnt a lot from the humbling experience and I am extremely thankful to have been given the opportunity to head on such a meaningful and insightful trip. As stated in my personal statement in my application for UCAS, in my pursuit of Geography as a degree, I do hope to learn more about such societies in the future (especially what has held them back from development and how these issues can be better resolved) so that I can better contribute with greater knowledge of these societies. It’ll be a really meaningful life if I manage to put whatever I learn in university into good use in society, and that’s the beauty of an Arts degree, I must say. It’s not so much of technical expertise, but the fulfilment and self-satisfaction, and I think that is something that I would really love to obtain in the pursuit of life.

As mentioned above I ended the school year off well as I was exempted. I made one of the most selfish decisions ever to leave the Floorball team when they were struggling with numbers. (I’m truly sorry to the seniors, especially those who put in a lot of effort just to keep juniors like me..) I had an enjoyable 3 weeks at COC where I was once again lucky enough to receive hell lots of opportunities, and I had the most kickass birthday celebrations ever in 2012. I got a sore throat right after COC POP (I actually remember L O L I think I didn’t get sore throat ever since I recovered from my 3-month-long sickness during FSD), but I think that was the most “worth it” sore throat ever given that it was caused by excessive shouting of the Cadet Officer Creed and parade commands, maybe? I had never felt prouder of myself despite my academic achievements and I think it proved to me that achievements out of academic pursuits, were much more important in the determination of my self-worth and self-esteem. Somehow, while my grades remained important to me, I realised that self-fulfilment was much more than my grades, and I think that was something I took a very very long time to realise.

All in all, Year 3 and 4 were the best years of my life, they call it the teenage years maybe. Teenagers in other countries were getting pregnant and having babies, but I’d like to think that the Asian experience involves a lot of studying and… feelings. I matured a lot in those years, I tried to blog less controversial content and less childish content so that I no longer get judged for what I write on my blog. I tried la, okay, may not necessarily have worked out HAHA. I (unfortunately) started to get more concerned about my weight and how I looked, maybe because of the fact that my sister was anorexic and some of her weight loss ideals rubbed off on me. I made many short-term friends that turned against me, I bitched about people so so so much more, I was bitched about so so so much more too, but once again, those experiences served to help me grow as a person. Thank you to those who told me about the times I was bitched about, they serve to help me improve and become a better person, and what I can say is, you guys are true friends. I really appreciate those constructive criticism that checked my attitude and behaviour 🙂

It wasn’t long after COC that Year 5 started again. And Year 5 started off pretty much with a bang. But sadly, my JC life turned out very bitter, I turned very cynical and resentful in these 2 years.

I remember the first day after initiation ceremony when Jiawei called me (JIAWEI WHY DON’T YOU EVER CALL ME ANYMORE) to have lunch because school ended early (?!) super bloody random. Coincidentally when we were waiting at the bus interchange we met Jiawen and Jieling who were preparing to go mug ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (?!) But we ended up… going to Long John’s to do Math for like 1 hour before watching Wreck-it Ralph LOL. I remember I was struggling with Inequalities then, it’s amazing how much we’ve moved on in the syllabus since the first day of school in Year 5!!! We were tweeting stuff like Ïf only everyday could be like this” and Ïf everyday in JC was like this I will really love JC”, it’s finally how the weirdest little things (eg. eating lunch after school) are things that I truly keep close to my heart hahaha.

But I would think those better memories were short-lived. I started JC life off being annoyed at how we started school 2 weeks earlier. (or actually 4 weeks because everyone had 2 weeks of orientation) I was annoyed at how our initiation was nothing like the orientation of other schools. Nope, not the fault of the planning committee, it was the very nature of our 6-year Integrated Programme that disallowed any new interactions between people… how do you do a mass dance when the person beside you is someone you’re already acquainted with? Most importantly, I was annoyed how other schools had extremely strong school spirits which our level didn’t give a shit about. Our level ponned every shit possible, ponned every dance… every house event. 99% of the level ponned (haha no la not so exaggerated once again, maybe 98%) every shit seriously. People on RV confessions were complaining about the lack of school spirit in our school, people were complaining about the lack of initiatives in our school, people were complaining that the school didn’t feel much like a JC, but the truth is NO ONE GAVE A SHIT EVEN WHEN INITIATIVES WERE CARRIED OUT! It was so frustrating omg. To make things worse, the school refused to budge on so many ends, given that we were a 6-year secondary school. We couldn’t have activities beyond 6pm, we couldn’t have this, we couldn’t carry this out, our this and our that were all rejected! Other JCs could easily hold events till 10pm, 11pm, and our uncoolness on this end made house initiatives so much tougher. On hindsight, the school’s stand was understandable especially with the new generation of parents (I promise to not be one of them my future son and daughter, I will not call the school and get them to release you on time at 6pm), but I guess this was the price to pay for being in an IP school. The good thing is that you get all 6 years in the same campus, and that’s the worst thing too. Especially in JC, that’s something not really amazing. Year 1 juniors knocking on the glass window at the library for no reason when we’re studying…? er… are you playing knock knock with me? Year 1 juniors playing catching at the bus stop…? err… guys… please.

The rules that governed the JC body also irritated the H E L L out of me. I got my first ever management diary entry in Year 6 for a SHORT SKIRT which I was forced to change out of, 2 months to graduation. I was so bloody pissed because 1. I LOOK LIKE AN ULTIMATE NERD IN SCHOOL YOU THINK I’D WANT TO KEEP A SHORT SKIRT WHO COULD STOP ME FROM GROWING FAT / 2. It tainted my bloody hell pretty records for 6 years (with a record that was grammatically wrong, by the way oh my gosh). So I got pissed, and from then on I decided that being a perfect student in school doesn’t really pay off unless you have a skirt that’s long enough to touch your toes. (I’m probably the best student ever I haven’t had any homework undone for so long I swear to heaven and earth because I WORK ALL MY WEEKENDS AWAY DOING HOMEWORK) Since I decided to be cool, I decided to be really cool in the last few weeks of school. I didn’t take ANY single MC in my entire 6 years of RV life, and I took 2 just in the past 2 weeks. (actually, I’m really taking medication anyway.) Because my records weren’t perfect anymore, anyway. I was never late in Years 1 to 4, and I was late 4 times these two years. The rules that bogged down this entire school system about no coloured shoes (not even shoes that turned grey from dirt) pissed me off so much, the rules about no this no that in JC. Other JCs don’t even care much, people in Poly were wearing their home clothes with dyed hair and shit and… we can’t wear dirty white shoes to school? Oh wait, let’s recall that… the school SAYS NO TO RELATIONSHIPS! Er… we are 18 and we cannot… date. Remember guys, ONE ELBOW DISTANCE! Well done to the nunnery! They have indeed done a good job!

And of course there’s the countless times the school has been pissing the JC students off, eg. disallowing us to go support a Floorball match because of an assembly programme that I’m sure we signed up and indicated extreme interest for. I wasn’t an excellent student in Year 5 in terms of academics and I was deprived of many opportunities, opportunities and internships were only opened up to people who hit above a certain level of ranking points. Combinations such as GCME were automatically turned away in consideration for any scholarship applications or possible programmes that may heighten our chances of obtaining scholarships, given our school’s emphasis on Sciences and Maths. BEC awards were given out in this order: 6A, B, C….. and it ends at L, because onwards were all classes with 3H2 or odd 4H2 combinations. The Humanities were obviously a lot less favoured, the school organised trips to GSK, Medicine internships… but you hear nothing about Humanities scholars or programmes. I began to feel like one of the “rejected birds” of the school, well afterall I couldn’t expect much from being in 6S can I? When you have all the potential PSC scholars in the PCME classes, the potential medicine students in the BCME classes, it’s hard to give attention to students taking Geography… er, pretty sure the school doesn’t take much pride in our relatively poorer distinction rates. I was extremely motivated in Year 6 to do well and do some justice to myself (and my combination), but that didn’t change the fact that little emphasis was given to our class, and the rojak combinations we had. You talk about fairness, but how am I supposed to feel that way when we are obviously being subjected to unfairness? I don’t think Humanities students are in anyway less smart than Science students, it’s just that the lower numbers of us results that less scholars are produced. Does that mean that we’re not as outstanding? No! If you continue to place less emphasis on such Arts/Hybrid Stream students, obviously we’ll never do as well! It works the same way as a poverty cycle, no?

I would think that without the encouraging teachers and best tutors I could ever have in this world, living through JC life in this school would be much more horrible. Thankfully I got to enjoy learning so much more these two years and truly truly truly picked up content knowledge that I know will be helpful even after I graduate. The essay skills, the critical thinking processes, all seemed pretty redundant to me at Year 4 level, but right now I finally understand the importance of writing well. Er, I figured, but I still can’t write well, so please don’t start picking out my mistakes HAHAHA. I learnt how to probe deeper into assumptions, learnt how to structure an essay better… (especially in Geography!) These were all writing skills I never managed to learn or comprehend at Year 4 levels. I finally figured out how to tell a good and horrible (eg. mine) essay apart, instead of rolling my eyes at my own essays (and the marker’s comments) all the time in Year 4 and 5 because the bitch me never understood why my essays were bad.

Throughout JC life my social life went on an absolute decline, I relied a lot more on the existing friends I had and I shut off connections with many people that I couldn’t bother to keep in contact with, or that I wouldn’t see myself keeping in touch with 5 years down the road. I became more of an introvert (even though I would still think that I’m pretty much an extrovert), and kept to myself a lot more. I no longer saw the need to keep up with everyone’s social lives on Twitter (or maybe I just preferred studying to scrolling through my timeline), and I figured out the need to work extremely hard for what I want. I became much more disciplined and organised in my work, I enjoyed learning much more, and I became a lot more curious and inquisitive in whatever I was learning. I think that has increased my IQ quite a bit HAHAHA I must have been really stupid throughout my secondary school years. I slowly figured out what I wanted and worked towards it. I wanted to take part in NDP, and so I did, and even though I struggled to keep up with schoolwork, I honestly think I coped pretty well given the demands of JC 2 life. It had been a pretty amazing experience, I must say. I finally managed to accomplish something in my bucket list! I wanted to pick up the piano, and so I did, and made sure I kept aside time to practise and well, catch up on homework too. My piano teacher said I’m a fast learner (with loads of potential)! Okay, actually maybe she may have said that to every student she taught. But I’ll just think I’m her special student. Hehe.

In JC I also grew bigger dreams, I better knew what I wanted in life, I researched extensively on the possible paths that I can take at 18, and I became much more willing to take risks. I’m glad that I did pretty okay this Prelims because it feels as if effort does pay off, honestly I think I’ve worked really really hard this year. Even though I take many off days and off hours (like these 4 hours…), I still spend the majority of my time studying. I’m either studying or sleeping, and I think that’s commendable because the me in Year 4 would have been extremely distracted by dramas, social media, my family… somehow distractions were much more difficult to avoid. But I think I picked up the idea of delayed gratification a lot better this year, and began to appreciate better what it’s like to play hard after working hard. I was telling Edina today that I can’t wait for As to be over, and on the very day As are over I’m gonna do something that wastes a HELL LOT OF TIME, eg. queuing up for something stupid for 2-3 hours because by then, I WOULD HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. But that’s still more than a month from now, so I gotta hold out till then!

Wow, I’m not sure how I managed to type out 5000 words… of just pure rambling. I don’t think anyone would be reading beyond the 500th word unless you’ve been with me every part of my secondary school/RV journey (which no one did because I don’t have classmates for 6 years LOL), but typing this has brought a smile on my face for most of the parts. Even though I’m not ending my RV journey as happily as I would have in Year 4, I remain thankful to the opportunities that have been presented to me since Year 1. I wouldn’t be able to imagine myself in any other school, receiving a totally different set of education, with different friends, teachers. I would probably have turned out really really differently, maybe I might have been cooler, but it’s okay, because I like how I’m uncool 😉 I’m grateful for the set of friends I’ve managed to make, I’ve been in this “comfort zone” for too much of my life and I think I’d struggle with life after I get out of RV given that I’m such an awkward turtle nowadays. One of the blessings in RV is how you manage to get to know almost 80% of the level after 6 years, and how there’s this certain level of recognition for everyone in the level. There are people I don’t even talk to in school, who will wave to me out of school, and I think that’s really cool. I wonder if other schools are like this, too.

Despite all the trash I’ve said about RV, given a choice now, I’d still pick the same path. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. It hasn’t been perfect definitely, but no education system is perfect man, and regardless of all the shit I’ve said, I guess I fit into no place better. Years 1 to 4 were extremely wonderful, and while JC life showed me the ugliest sides of this school, JC life also taught me the most in terms of content knowledge, and… life. Although this seems ironical, I guess it’s something to be thankful for.

Thank you RV for these 6 years, it’s been bittersweet.

/I shall add in pictures if I have time, but most of the time when I say this, I don’t come back to the post anymore. Hee.

Life before 甄嬛传 ended

Sincerely apologise for the more than dead blog- I think I’m the only one reading my own blog posts now LOL. I shall try to upload photos / remember past events to the best of my abilities anyway, beacuse my blog is the first place I look to whenever I feel like digging up anything from the past haha.

1. Shakespeare weekend

The tickets for Merchant of Venice were booked WAYYYYY in advance, like bloody WAYYYYYYYY back in January or February. Back then we agreed to keep this day free as an entire class (now that’s quite something yes?) and all of us weren’t even aware that it clashed with Mothers’ Day. Felt so bad when my entire family had to change their schedules to suit mine because I wouldn’t be able to make it for dinner haha. It was a double celebration for my brother’s girlfriend as well 🙂

Dim sum + cake. And no la my family didn’t eat such a small amount of course…. dim sum comes in several rounds afterall HAHA.

Polaroids taken that day hehe.

Mothers’ Day has long passed and gone, but that doesn’t mean my love for my mother diminishes HAHAHA ok shit this is too corny for me to take. I’m thankful for many things: thankful that my mother doesn’t speak/understand English such that she doesn’t stalk me on social media like how I stalk people; thankful that my mother trusts me enough to never ever attend ANY parent-teacher meeting since primary school; thankful that my mother feeds me really really well such that I’m standing at this watermelon weight; thankful that my mother thinks I’m a stingy piece of pork such that she constantly showers me with new/old (valuable) things… eg. unopened wallets/perfumes from her cupboard. Not that I mind anyway. HAHA.

I’m not sure whether it’s unfortunate that both my parents are going to be in the senior citizen category soon (my Dad is bleah) since I was the last to be born. Afterall, I get less time with them compared to my siblings. I shall make the best out of this time though of course: and my only wish for Mothers’ Day would be that my mother remains healthy happy and once again HEALTHY. I don’t want to make repeated visits to the hospital anymore 😦

After the crazily sinful dim sum somewhere at Bugis, I WENT HOME TO TAKE A NAP. WHAT ON EARTH HAHA, then I left house for Merchant of Venice with 6S HEHE. I reached Fort Canning Park really early, and I went ahead to queue up first HAHA. A pity we didn’t get to go on stage to be part of the jury during Antonio’s “pound of flesh” court drama, it would have been a real privilege!

The early bird doesn’t catch the early worm man- we had to wait for the late worms LOL with our auntie-ing grabbing onto 4 picnic mats hoping that our classmates would arrive soon omg.

I actually think my selfie skills are not bad 😀

After the play / Before we left one another!

We went home swiftly after the play because we had school the next day. Imagine meeting two teachers there knowing that you’ll see them again in less than 12 hours… wah really damn sian. Staying out late on Sundays is not pleasant at all 😦

2. NCC Day Dinner 2014

One word for the day: Fat. Honestly, the food at Chevrons wasn’t even that amazing but I just kept eating because bloody hell it’s free HAHA free food is always the best. It was the first NCC Day Dinner I had ever attended anyway, many have already attended one or two before this LOL. I think it’ll be the last time I recognise so many familiar faces at the dinner be it batchmates, juniors or seniors. After a few more years, I think many of my syndicate mates wouldn’t be active in HQ anymore 😦

3 of us with Shiyuan hehehe on the girls’ side! The others were sitting at the other table 🙂 And of course the complete table HAHA this selfie was so difficult to take man- there were so many moments that were deemed inappropriate LOL.

The two women I relied completely during COC and after, I suddenly realise that it’s a really weird combination HAHA.

RV SHOT WHEEE this is a pretty big family man… ironically dominated by girls HAHA.

3. Affirmation Ceremony in RV + NDP

We went as audiences man not some helper or something… totally spoiling the ambience by wearing PE shirts and trash HAHA. But still, must show support man!

My hair looks really long here, snipped it off already hehehe so happy that my bun is finally getting skinnier.

NDP HEHE!! Selfie with the Sea & Air Contingent 🙂

My every Saturday for about 2 months already…. (excluding the exam period). Currently enjoying it but I think it’ll get really difficult when August approaches. Cross fingers, let’s hope I’ll be able to cope well 🙂

4. Birthdays

Edina’s birthday planning came so damn last minute cause of the Chem Test on Monday (which I screwed up pretty badly #sian #”Huiping you underperformed” #sian), but nevertheless I really liked the end product and I hope Edina likes it too hehe.

The people who helped out a great lot in the present! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the photobook 🙂 especially those who decorated it so so so nicely omg even nicer than the cover itself!

Our presents for her hehe hope she loves them…!! Posting this picture as if I’m the one who received the gift HAHA.

And Edina’s treat to dessert HAHAHA a pity the serving size was so damn small how do you satisfy such a big eater like me actually…?


Han En’s birthday!

I look like some bloody shit with buck teeth that has yet to wake up omg such a horrible photo but unfortunately the only photo 😦

Anyway won’t be typing anything here because these two people don’t read my blog (I think HAHA), everything’s already written on the card for them anyway :’) Love executing birthday plans because they make people so happy and that makes you really happy as well. Time to start stressing over the upcoming birthdays.

Goodness me uploading photos always make me so tired because it’s been such a long time since I blogged… given that every minute of free time for the past month has been dedicated to 甄嬛传 and 甄嬛传 only. I can’t believe I finished the SEVENTY-SIX-EPISODE drama already omg I’ve been rewatching the last 5 minutes of the drama because it flashbacks 甄嬛’s life from Episode 1 to 76 and how much she has changed in the palace…… damn it. I’m suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms post-drama- for the entire day during NDP today (and when I was standing in sedia position for about 15 minutes) I kept thinking “What if 果君王 actually knew that 甄嬛’s kids were his from the very beginning????” I got so sad and heartbroken when I remembered that he passed away before she managed to tell him the truth. I cried so hard when he died :((( what a tragic ending to a beautiful love story. Freaking stupid dramas making me so emotional LOL.

Ok sorry this is alien language to probably 99% of people who aren’t as tiong-infused as I am… I know I am over-reacting to a drama but seriously man I think I should just go live in the drama…

OK I’ve spent long enough time slacking- just watched The Great Gatsby which was 10000 times better than the book (and made my sister extremely pissed off cause “Daisy is damn screwed up” as quoted), can’t deny that today has been a very good day 🙂 I mean, yesterday was really bad, I cried so hard that my eyes were swollen (seriously omg)…. over a man….. in a drama hehehe. I hope that in this lifetime I’ll cry over fictional men and fictional men only 🙂

Before I forget

Woah so many events in my life have come and go without me even noticing, just scrolling through my camera roll made me realised that I haven’t been able to blog about them…  So here I am, trying my best to lock up these memories before they fade away permanently.

1. Jiawen’s birthday

Her before hair, which doesn’t really do justice to her broom HAHA.

Well it was pretty much a day of amusement HAHA Yixin and I waited outside the school gate for her (it was meant to be a surprise) and dragged her unwilling soul to the strangest place ever HAHAHA. It was a home salon so along the way she was guessing “are we going to Vivian’s house?” “Weihan’s house?” “Jieling’s house?” “Chenxi’s house?” “Huh who else live near the school….” She looked so lost and soulless trying to guess so hard yet finding no answers at all HAHAHA.

But in the end it was a stranger’s house, a home salon! And we got her a hair fix! Hope you like your new soft and silky hair Jiawen 🙂 hope it doesn’t turn back into a broom that quickly HAHA!!! Although that means you may have to change your blog link permanently 😛 oh and thanks Chua for the free jelly hearts they tasted so good my stomach is leaping up in hunger now HAHAHA.

2. Jia Wen’s birthday

Nope I’m not trying to be an idiot by putting these two events one after another, it happens that they just occur in close proximity hehe! Jia Wen’s birthday planning had started long before March because of her nice friend Edina who wanted to film a birthday video for her hehe. I thought the final product was really good and it was quite nice to see Jia Wen laughing truckloads at her video till her face turned blood red HAHA. It feels really awesome to put in loads of effort in someone’s birthday celebration, basically you just don’t feel like a bad friend and it’s nice to see how it genuinely made her day a lot better.


Camwhoring in class with the face fixture Edina made, it’s used as a prop to act like her in the video, the ultimate bimb HAHHAA

And her board on the day of her birthday! Edina’s expert photoshopping skills replaced Jun Ji Hyun’s face with Jia Wen’s face HAHAHA IT WAS FREAKING PRO PHOTOSHOP I SWEAR. And the stick was made from newspaper, wrapped with my initial PW report hehehe #reducereuserecycle #truegeographer. On the reverse side it spells “I am an 18 year old bimbo” HAHAHA I’m pretty sure it embarrassed her for the whole day even though she refused to hold it up majority of the time 😦 such a horrible person!

Glad you liked your birthday though 🙂 happy 18th to the ultimate bimbo!

3. Exercise Thunder Warrior meet up

This camwhore is damn zai HAHAHA everyone got in. I was actually pretty impressed by the turnout actually, afterall it’s been so long and I guess most people wouldn’t care about meeting up anymore. It’s nice to see how no one really changed, and how we actually merely moved two years ahead with no stark differences in personalities. I had a really heavy dinner that night though, kept me guilty throughout the weekend HAHA.

The dinner was actually the first time during the March holidays that I took a break, I did nothing but work for the first three days of the holidays and I must say I’m pretty impressed with my productivity 🙂 if only I had the similar motivation every weekend too LOL I will never have to worry about tutorials ever again.

I hope we’d be able to meet up soon again, which will likely be after the A Levels though hehe. Much more anticipation for it, obviously!

4. FSD Finals 2014

It took much effort for this shot because we barely knew the juniors in the team and we wanted to borrow their trophies to take this photo HAHA. Always been proud of RVNCC ever since I started spectating FSD competitions five years ago! Congratulations to the guys and girls team for attaining positions of 1st and 3rd NATIONALLY respectively!!! This coveted achievement could be said to be what the unit has been working hard for for a very very long time, and I’m glad they finally achieved it. Better late than never 🙂

5. Dinner with 4G Girls

Similarly like most of our outings, they are usually impromptu and decided one or two days before the outing itself HAHA. This is no different man, we decided the night before and it was pretty surprising how so many people turned up because initially there were only 4 of us confirmed!

I think I could safely say this was one of the best outings ever, in the sense that we actually went full retard around town. We ran from Suntec (where we had Astons) all the way to Esplanade before running to Marina Bay Sands just to see two lights turn off and we were like WHAT IS THAT ALL TO EARTH DAY THAT IS?!?!?! HAHAHA. It was damn amusing too, we ran along the lengths of the floating platform stopping the glowing motorcycles for pictures and stealing their helmets and forcing one another to camwhore with it HAHAHA. Seriously highly embarrassing, but not at all embarrassed LOL.

One of the more decent shots we took LOL.

And not forgetting, the newly-turned-18 Jia Wen playing catching o m f g are you serious. She went around TAPPING RANDOM STRANGERS SHOUTING “CATCH!” just to observe their stunned expressions and it was really FREAKING FUNNY cause her victims looked so annoyed and amused at the same time HAHA.

We perspired like cows walking endlessly for a few hours before ending up at MBS to get some aircon and ice cream hehehe 🙂

Right outside MBS!

Sharing a cup at Au Chocolat HAHA.

I was really thankful for the day, even though I had been tired that morning from NDP Internal Training and PDS Finals. It’ll always be a good day with 4G, and I guess we are pretty lucky that our friendship had really lasted beyond that two years hehe. Thanks for such a retarded night out, love you girls so much xoxo. Sometimes I really feel like I am in a girls’ school, there are barely any guys around me HAHAHA this better not have adverse impacts on my interpersonal skills with the opposite gender in the future LOL.

6. Yixin’s birthday

The last of all birthdays hehehe it started with a plan on WhatsApp… To meet early in the morning since most of us were busy later in the day!

HAHAHA I think our efforts to surprise people are actually very amusing. We used the nominal roll to get to her house and call her house phone / and our surprise was flopped when her grandfather woke her up HAHAHHA. We ran underneath the table to duck, NOT EVEN SURE WHAT WE WERE DUCKING FOR HAHAHAHA WHY WERE WE EVEN TRYING TO HIDE?

And Chua is damn lucky cause she wears nice shirts to sleep so…. Happy birthday Chua, I hope you liked your surprise and a birthday cake for your breakfast that day 🙂 remain voluptuous okay HAHAHA.

Okay that’s all, wanted to blog a lot more about other things but I guess keeping my life events in check is more important for now! Sacrificed quite a fair bit of sleep for this post, hope I don’t regret it when my alarm begins to annoy me again in a few hours’ time 😦

And by the way,

I just downloaded the app today so I must be a lucky asshole. HAHAHA. I shall go to school myself on Friday to claim this free breakfast for myself! HAHA.

NCC Week

HAHAHAHA SHIT so much has happened in my life but I’m so so so lazy to blog about it these days because I spend 30 minutes editing my photos to put it on Instagram instead.

Not sure if it’s a good thing because so much of my life is now spread out over so many platforms urgh

Okay let’s see what I can remember!

1. Swee Choon with 6S’s 4G girls

Probably 1/3 of our food that day. That’s the bad thing about Dim Sum, it comes individually so you can’t take a full picture HAHAHA and by the time it comes you’d want to eat it anyway. We spent 1 hour queuing! Of course we were damn hungry by the time the food arrived HAHAHA.

Edina laughing while chewing on a custard bao. Omg. I am so gonna use this series of photos to haunt her when her birthday arrives HAHAHA. Couldn’t even take a proper shot because my hands were trembling so much from my laughing.

I am always very thankful when we go out on Fridays together because it usually marks the end of an arduous test week. I mean, why else would you go out on a Friday? Go home and mug! We are already approaching the end of Term 1 without me even knowing, I am getting increasingly afraid especially after the release of A Level results. There are three types of people on results day:

1. Happy and shutting up so as to not potentially offend anyone
2. Disappointed with results and wondering which university would accept you. Wondering what went wrong.
3. Reaching 3 hours late to collect the results from the General Office

It’s pretty evident what everyone wants to be- how everyone wants to achieve those coveted straight-As. But it isn’t so easy… I can’t even do well for school-based exams.

2. FSD West District Competition

A photo of the Delta ’12 girls who were there… gets smaller every year because of our varying commitments. Oh well, who told us to turn 18 so quickly? HAHA.

Company photo at HQ NCC hehe. So proud of the RVNCC company, both girls and boys did so so so exceptionally well. They totally brought up the mood in HQ at that point in time… it was literally 高潮!!! Everyone was so excited and cheering so damn hard omg :’) so proud to be from RVNCC! Looking forward to FSD Finals haha.

3. Sister’s birthday

Many weeks ago I already asked my sister what type of cake she’d like and she commented casually with a mention of “Strawberry” and “Coffee” in it. So I decided to ask Beatrice to help me bake to make a more customised strawberry cake (cause I liked strawberry better than coffee) hehehe.

I guess the product was pretty darn amazing- better than all the pictures she had shown me for “samples” omg. There were FRESH FLOWERS on it and the strawberry flavour in the cake was so damn good. Gotta thank her so so so very much, my sister was so happy she was delirious HAHAHA She couldn’t stop camwhoring with the flowers on it (was that a daisy) cause she said it was the FIRST TIME she was receiving flowers. HAHAHA.

I mean just look at what she’s tweeting!!!! I spent 17 years of my life with this woman and yet I can’t fathom what she’s saying HAHHAHA.

4. Dad’s birthday

CAM00413 - Copy
Baskin Robbins cake hehehe after such a long long time! It was like vanilla cake with strawberry ice-cream which was pretty darn amazing 🙂 We decided to use one big candle to signify 50 years instead, because Dad wanted to look young HAHAHA. They are approaching ages whereby the cake is too small to accomodate all the candles omg…. I don’t want to reach the age whereby I have to put 2 big candles sob.

I don’t want to grow up- although I’m looking forward to how I’ll be like at 21. I wonder if my facial features would have changed, whether I’d look more wrinkly, whether I’d be anorexic or still fat as ever, OR WHETHER I’LL HAVE MY BOYFRIEND BESIDE ME IN THE BIG BIG PHOTO

HAHAHAHA so cool to think about it! But holy hell my siblings were all single at 21 so…….??? Omg does that run in the family???

5. CampSTEEL 2

The sunrise at HQ on Day 1. Damn damn damn chio hahaha.

The ladies that were on the ground most of the time during CampSTEEL. The two other girls were Admin members 😦 HAHA. Thankfully I wasn’t the only woman in my company unlike Yixin hehehe. I have such a nice OC 🙂

A platoon photo with Bravo 5/Chiobus! I must say we spent a relatively short time together, but it was still great. It was supplemented by the fact that no assessments were carried out- such that I didn’t have to worry about people disappointed over the ranks they had attained, such that I didn’t have to comfort those who failed their interviews. I am very thankful to have signed up for CampSTEEL 2 despite the fact that I missed E-Learning day and so many lessons (accumulated homework is quite mad), it kinda brought me back to NCC life and how much I enjoyed being in the company and discipline of a uniformed organisation.

I miss cadet life and specialist life very much. That definitely goes without saying 🙂

And of course a picture with my fellow APC 🙂 I am also extremely thankful to have been given the role of a PC this camp. It IS my first time given my active involvement in HQ activities. I never believe that an APC should play the supporting role, PCs/APCs/Attached Specialists should all exercise the same level of command. For that, I hope I haven’t disappointed my APC in any way and I hope he’d have gotten the experience he needed from the camp 🙂

6. NDP Selections

On the MRT train with Yixin because she already uploaded the camwhore at HQ HAHAHA. We went to catch the Lego movie… which I fell asleep in because I was so so so horribly tired and the influx of action in it. Omg. That goes half of my $12.50… since when did GV tickets become so expensive kns

20140307_172349 - Copy
And well happy ORD HAHAHA I am so awkward in this photo I cannot.

Yixin and I passed the selections! Thankfully hahaha it would be so awkward to tell people “Umm ya there were only two of us… but both of us didn’t make it in”. Now that I got into NDP I need to tighten my commitments even further, I guess I’m going to stop piano lessons even earlier than planned and continue next year! If one comes, one has to go of course. I’ll never be able to go out on Saturdays again, too. HAHA.

7. Others

My silver mirror during Chem Practical recently HAHAHA SEXY DAO. Okay la honestly most people had sexiers silver mirrors than me, but YOU CAN SEE MY PHONE REFLECTION!!!! THAT’S PRETTY COOL ISN’T IT?

Okay that’s all everybody I love you and it’s time to study before going to tuition….. God knows what else I can teach when my tutee is already getting A for her tests… sob. But guess what I’m probably the best tutor ever it was a C/D to an A IN A SHORT TWO MONTHS OKAY DOES ANYONE WANNA EMPLOY ME YET? Just that it’s rather ironical how my tutee is getting A for Math… and here I am getting Ds. I am so highly embarrassing sigh.

Cambodia Service-Learning 2013

Like I mentioned, this is already my 2nd trip to Cambodia hehehe. But it never hurts to 温故知新! This Cambodian experience was definitely much more refreshing given the fact that I’ve already gotten used to the conditions on the island the previous time. I tried to stay awake during bus rides to observe the streets and traffic conditions of a 3rd world country. I tried my best to make my $800+ worth.

And no doubt it’s been a really great experience 🙂

First, the streets.

I looked out of the window most bus journeys and the view was such an eye-opener. I don’t go to Malaysia (particularly the more rural areas) often, much less Indonesia, thus what I saw was really new to me. Markets lined up along the streets, and every 1km along the road or so another big market will be present, 5 or 6 people squeezing on one motorcycle and children as small as 4-5 holding hands walking home together. That’s one aspect of their lives that Singapore can never compare to I guess- the fact that I was never allowed on my own until 12, the fact that motorcycles can only seat 2, how our wet markets are slowly transforming into our huge hypermarkets such as Giant or Sheng Siong.

The street markets hehe. This was the best I could capture since I was on a moving bus 😦

There are pros and cons of living in every country or leading any lifestyle, but I must say the Cambodian children look really happy. They don’t need our sympathy, for that’s how they choose to lead their lives and that’s how happy they are. In my previous trip I believe I pitied them quite a bit, thinking how unfortunate they are to be born here. But I guess they’re content with their lives! They do not have such a terrible stress from studying, and the kampong spirit is still deeply entrenched in them. They may be envious of us thinking that we’re rich Asians who made it successful, but here I am, envying them for their slow and peaceful lifestyle.

Nearing the boat trip I managed to catch the sunset! Thank god I had my fill of sleep on the plane 🙂

A great great view of the sunset! Desperately tried to wake everyone up because the sun was so rosy and beautiful but everyone was fast asleep, so there I was busy trying to snap photos on a moving bus LOL. I was so impressed by the place before even reaching the island, completely different from my original impression of dirty and run-down etc. I have no idea why/how my mindset can change so quickly in one year, but I’m pretty sure it’s for the better, and I guess I’ve learnt to embrace different cultures pretty well 🙂

It’s rather… cool how the sunset is “chopped” up by the telephone lines, that I don’t even see in Singapore or any other developed country for that matter anymore. A better caption would probably be: a great great view of the sunset in a third world country! I really appreciate the beauty of third world countries now, I don’t think I had this 新鲜感 on my trip to UK. I hope to visit more third world countries and the villages (eg. India/Thailand/Vietnam/rural parts of China) while I am still young and active, these are the places that I’ve really grown to appreciate more because everywhere else in the world is so touristy now!

Second, the island stay.

I’m pretty sure I explored more parts of the island this time haha. Although the island tour wasn’t as enriching as it could have been/the past, it was still refreshing to be standing at what once used to be so familiar. At where the killing fields stood, at where the newly developed huts stood. Undoubtedly, many areas of the island had major changes. There was a new volleyball court at what used to be a large patch of grass. There was a new community centre built by Australians, new vocational training centre laid by another group and continued by us, and so on. Well, I must say that it’s probably a good thing that the island’s gaining loads of attention from other people, such that volunteers are frequently coming to contribute either to the school for the children or the village as a whole.

We also played with the children as usual, piggybacked them, flung them around like a swing, but yet they are still warmly running up to ask asking for hugs and everything. The children are really warm, I have no idea how Singaporean children actually grow up to shy away from strangers. In Cambodia they are so hearty and nice towards strangers that they first meet hahaha.

The kids who joined me on the swing hehe.

There was also a day when Jolyn decided to be a little adventurous and asked the villagers if they were willing to lend us their bikes, and there she was biking around the entire island. Jiawen Jessie Wanlu and I also felt like doing the same, so there we were speeding around the village. It was rather comical cause their bikes were so damn high and I couldn’t get my feet on the ground, and that was really really dangerous because their terrain was really rough… 凹凸不平 would be the best phrase to describe the entire rocky path. What if I just fell, I wouldn’t be able to keep steady on the ground! Motorcycle tracks and everything were present and your safety really couldn’t be guaranteed, and so I was having difficulty mounting the bike when the Cambodian children decided that since I couldn’t start the bike THEY SHALL PUSH ME!!!!!!! OMG I SCREAMED SO BADLY but it got a lot better after that- my steadiness and everything. Somehow when you keep your head ahead and clear, everything goes better. Kids hopped on unknowingly while we were cycling and followed us along the way, and I must say the entire cycling experience was really enjoyable! Thank you to the villagers of Koh Rumdual Island for being so kind 🙂

The heavy kid who hopped onto my bike! It was tough ok! And guess what to take that picture I knocked into the hut and all the straw went into my hair HAHAHA omg I am such an embarrassment.

I must say that has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I mean I have cycled at Pulau Ubin which can be considered relatively similar but the experience at the island was no other. We managed to breeze through both the poorer and richer areas of the island, and saw the distinct differences in lifestyles. One had really malnutritioned cows with babies not wearing clothes and on the other side of the island, there are large plots of plowed land ready to be planted with crop, there were loads of fatty cows standing around and loads of villagers holding their harvest and preparing to sell them to the market. While both sides of the island… are essentially one island, they are separated by the very fact that one side owns the land, while the other side rents the land. Income disparity is indeed present everywhere.

Conditions for bathing and sleeping were much better this time given that it was at least 5degrees cooler, I burnt last year but this year was very much more like Singapore’s weather! We laid mattresses unlike the hard floor which we slept on last year. Mosquitoes and dumb bugs were still around for most of the time, but we were all safely cooped up in mosquito nets while we were sleeping so it was perfectly fine! Something that ticked me off though, was having to sleep at the corner 😦 The mosquito net brushed my face whenever someone entered and exited the net, and let’s not even think how dirty it is. So many groups of volunteers have come and gone, and I don’t think they have sufficient resources to even wash the mosquito net… so. HAHA. It’s okay! It’s great to be dirty once in a while, at least your immune system doesn’t get lazy! Bathing was fine even though the water was slightly yellow, at least it’s not gray like last year… with frogs and mosquitoes. It was clean! 🙂

The sleeping bags actually look quite comfortable to sleep in, don’t they HAHAHA. Especially with Jiawei’s pillow HAHA. Some of them were lazy to roll up their sleeping bags after a night, so they were my sleeping bags for the afternoon naps that I gladly took every single day HAHA. I can’t really survive without them, I’ll get really really tired.

Other interesting things we did included taking photos with our painted wall from RV Combined UG OCIP Cambodia 2012, picking up cow shit with Vanessa Poh along the way, attending a wedding in the village (it was really intense man all the dancing and so) and the final campfire that concluded our island stay just like the previous trip. These are really good memories that I will never forget ever HAHA.

The wall painted on the trip last year!

And cow shit that Vanessa Poh and I went picking up along the way. Some of them were really fresh man, you could see from the texture which shit has been left for several days and which ones were fresh from a few hours ago HAHA.

Third, the activities on the island.

I was supposedly the mentor for the infrastructure group, for us to build up to 1m of the walls of the vocational training centre. While we didn’t accomplish that for ALL the walls, I’m glad that we managed to accomplish quite a feat since we didn’t have a lot of manpower on all the days anyway! I believe it was supposed to be higher but I guess 1m’s a safe height for us, especially since any heights higher than that require a ladder hehe. I also partook in farming, painting (or rather, scrubbing the floors), building the compost bin, census, so I guess that was quite a new experience 🙂 Hope that the corn seeds I threw in will grow! HAHA.

A picture of the room that we were busy scrubbing the floors for!

The kid who was following us around during census! We were afraid that he may get lost but he told us that he knew the way back and even pointed us the direction to return. The village is small, but not VERY small, but I guess most of the villagers know the entire place at the back of their palm so he followed us around hehe. It’s like they don’t get visitors very often so they jump at the opportunity to interact with us 😦

This was the wall that Jiawei and I were working on Day 1 hehe.

And I guess whatever you do, you ought to have fun too!

And the 5 of us taking a picture on the wall that was supposed to be really steady hehe 🙂 Missing Gong 😦 Omg the way we built the wall was quite flimsy so I was quite worried that we would break the wall if we hopped on it, but I guess it’s stable enough to stand our weight… so it should be stable enough to stand harsh weather elements! Let’s hope and pray 🙂 I don’t really wish that the bricks that I put up will go to naught if they end up being torn down 😦

Fourth, Kolap 4.

We visited the Kolap 4 orphanage after leaving the island again! Upon reaching the orphanage, people ran all the way to the entrance to welcome us, as if we were VIPs HAHA. We kinda paid for most of the dinner for the orphans so they were really grateful to us I guess, and the beef was rumoured to be USD 500 down the table. “Why so tough” HAHAHA ok that was really funny, I guess it’s really fun to sit with crazy company hehe.

Our prepared dance thankfully went quite okay, and there were a lot of dance solos, and thank god we had three dancers on the trip who were entertaining the crowds most of the time HAHA.

This picture from Jiawei’s phone is like a sum up of our entire visit to Kolap 4: the lead dancer in pink pants, the kids, and the regular teenager interacting with us HAHAHA. Thank god we managed to take a photo before we rushed off!

Fifth, relax and recreation.

The 6th to 9th day on the trip were possibly the best…? We visited the Choeung Ek Killing Fields once again, rather upset that we missed the Genocide Museum cause I thought that was really enriching for me despite its grotesque nature. We had good meals after the 5 days on the island with packet food, we had Cambodian cuisine, Korean cuisine, BBQ, and I was fed so so so well.

Taking a selfie at the entrance of the killing field, something that we didn’t have the chance to do last year HAHA.

One of the good meals we had, I believe this was a Khmer-Thai restaurant! Dishes kept on coming in and we had such a huge variety hehe 🙂 Was fed full and really happy at the end!

We had loads of free time for shopping and I bought loads of nonsense. I brought about an extra 5kg back and it amounted to only about USD 100 spent in the markets in total? Truth be told I am still rather amused by all the fakes I bought HAHAHA my favourite purchase has got to be the fake Vans omg!!! I’m wearing it so often and it came so cheap hehehe.

We visited Angkor Wat as well, it was a choice at the start of the trip whether we would opt for that and make our cost more expensive, but of course I voted for it teehee my brother once mentioned that you haven’t been to Cambodia if you haven’t been to Angkor Wat, and I must say the view of the buildings was really breathtaking! What was really upsetting was that we missed the sunrise cause of the damn clouds blocking the sun, it was sunrise before we even knew it LOL. Annoying shit!!! Spent the entire morning (and part of the afternoon) touring the Angkor Temples, and even did a Temple Run HAHAHA that was so funny.

Our tag for entering the place!!! HAHAHA. Omg I think I have misplaced it, thank god I took a photo of it HAHA.

Right after the sunrise at about 7am! The famed Angkor Wat just lies behind us, with its three “protruding roofs” HEHEH.

Here’s us at another Angkor Temple which I can’t really remember the name (thanks for blogging 2 weeks late NGHP), but the architecture is still to die for haha it was really nice, still.

After that we had a Cambodian cooking class! That was the first cooking class in my life HAHA. Jiawei and I were like two rejected little birds heading from table to table getting people to accept us (ok not so exaggerated HAHAHHA) cause there was a limit for each class, but in the end we followed a really really nice teacher 🙂 I decided to make something that looked really strange on the menu, but it unexpectedly turned out so good! Anyway I cried while dicing onions HAHAHA I COULDN’T DO ANYTHING for the next 2 minutes cause my eyes were hurting so bad omg. Now I know what people mean by using onions to cry LOL IT STINGS SO BAD.

And that’s me with my cooked… Pallini I believe? Omg I just googled it and ah I forgot what my food was called it’s alright HAHA. I chose this picture because only this picture hides my terrible facial complexion on the Angkor Wat day, rashes caused my whole face to be swollen with red bumps and it was so damn scary because I have never ever encountered this in my life. I haven’t even gotten more than 6 pimples before (SSC 2011) and I was so afraid everything would worsen and leave a scar and then I won’t have a smooth face forever 😦 Everyone was coming up to me and asking “Omg Huiping what happened to your face ah?” “Omg I didn’t pay attention before but how come you so many pimples?” I’m not trying to be an asshole here but it was really bad… for me. It’s like if someone was 40kg and suddenly gained to 43kg, they would also overreact about the weight gain despite the fact that they are already skinny. SIMILARLY, I never had to wash my face in Singapore… and imagine getting an outbreak!!!

Until today I am still unclear whether they were pimples or an allergic reaction because I didn’t see the doctor, but it’s okay! Thank god for Vanessa Poh’s allergy pill on the last day, it subsided quite a bit and then fully recovered when I was back in Singapore for Christmas 🙂 THANK GOD, really. I wouldn’t have liked to live with it, I stared at my face at every available mirror hoping it’ll get better but NO it got worse the more I washed my face 😦

And my zai table with all our food! Look at mine beautifully presented in that red pot hehe.

Walked around after that and we had so so so much free time to shop! About 3 hours? Bought bags, notebooks, nonsense, more clothes, yogurt, and then headed for a 30 minute foot massage that cost a mere USD 3!!! Their massages were so cheap that it looked like some scam LOL, but we emerged safe and happy after it hehe. It was really comfortable 🙂 And also we agreed that all of us were to wear the ugly pants to the airport, this long, ugly and airy pants HAHAHA. All of us got different designs but all the guys chickened out at the Singapore airport HAHAHA.

Going for a foot massage with Zhijun and Jiawei hehehe.

Had more time on the last day so we went for a full body massage again! Omg I went for the oil massage and we had to be completely naked HAHAHA. It was so awkward because there were guys in the same room as well! But it went really well and once again it was so cheap, USD 5 for one entire hour omg. The fish spa outside was also thrown in free HAHAHA. Omg. Thinking about all these memories make me smile so hard, I was really happy in my days there hehe. It was truly 无忧无虑, the only worry was to get to the next destination on time :’)

Selfie at the fish spa area! I’m so glad that I’m rather skilled when it comes to taking selfies HAHA EVERYONE’S safely tucked inside the photo 🙂 We kinda owned the entire tank at that point in time HAHA.

Then it was the airport 😥

But it was quite cool though! For the first time I walked on the airport runway to the aeroplane, should have taken a nicer photo nearer to the aircraft, unfortunately all of us were rushing because it was the last call HAHA.

And the ugly pants clan at Changi Airport, many many more people chickened out upon touch down cause they weren’t going to meet the world in those ugly pants HAHA.

I must say the trip itself wasn’t exactly the best itinerary you may get, not that there was poor planning but there’s only so much you can do in a third world country like Cambodia! However, the people on the trip made everything amazing, made hotel stays so enjoyable, made massages so funny, made the 7-hour bus journey seem more like 1 hour, with all the games and questions and everything.

This was like one of our Girls’ Nights out HAHAHA.

As I’m typing this, I’m more than overjoyed that I’ll be meeting most of them again for the New Year countdown tomorrow hehe. Honestly I was pretty sad on the last few days because I knew these are large groups that will dissipate sooner or later, so it’ll be good if we are able to keep in contact for a short while since we’re still close… I do not have faith in everlasting friendships, but while it lasts, I’ll still put in effort for it 🙂 Thank you for such a wonderful Service-Learning experience, I think my parents might slap me if I head to Cambodia again since this is already my 2nd trip, but when I grow up I hope to visit Koh Rumdual Island again, and see what sort of changes have once again been made to change the lives and predicament of the children on the island, as well as visit Kolap 4 in the hope that some children from the island will be present there. That would mean a step nearer to better education and better living environment, which can only be good for them and the island in the long run 🙂

63rd COC Graduation Parade

I left house 3 hours after waking up today to attend the 63rd COC Graduation Parade hehe. I shall try to make it a point to come back every year, I missed the one in Year 2 and I must say that has been quite a bit of a regret 😥

IMAG1902 - Copy
With the 3 beautiful ladies HAHAHA.

IMAG1901 - Copy
RV Girls :’) Many people were not able to get into this picture though! Aiyah it’s okay it’s always difficult to have a complete unit picture with people running all over the place.

IMAG1919 - Copy
With Rangers hehe! It was nice to be around them once again, I miss the 3 weeks we went through in the course HAHA. I really missed it when the parade was ongoing, everything felt like deja vu but then when you think about it again, one year has passed. Way too quickly.

I think it’s really amazing how time flew by this year, the new batch of cadet officers are already here….. omg. We are no longer the youngest!

Anyway the entire night at HQ today was really awkward… sob. Tell me what to do??? I hate feeling this way over things that I have absolutely no control over. I made a pact with myself and was eagerly anticipating the end…

but I guess I don’t need to anymore. Thanks.